Babes Ride Out

BRO6 Makers Market | Feral Silver

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out will be hosting our Makers Market at BRO 6 this year. The BRO Makers Market is a curated group of female makers that will be on site showcasing their talents and  providing a unique experience for attendees. Meet Sara Farrell; Jewelry Designer!

Everyone should feel confident, unique, and loved. Through her brand, Feral Silver, Sara Farrell creates jaw dropping jewelry that helps you tap into that truth. Her work features bold designs, authentic gemstones, a mix of sterling and fine silver, handmade embellishments, and all the good vibes possible. For Babes Ride Out, Sara will be hand stamping copper keychains. These keychains are shiny tokens to keep you grounded and remind you of who you are - wherever your adventures take you. 

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