Babes Ride Out

Artist Series | Rachel Martin 

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Babes Ride Out Artist Series highlights the talented people in our community. Every artist donates their time and creativity to create a custom piece for the BRO6 Raffle. We are so happy to be able to support Moto F.A.M. through the proceeds of the raffle each year. Moto FAM raises funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. Thank you so much to Atwyld for contributing the military jacket for the Artist Series this year! Meet Rachel!

Babes ride out
babes ride out

Rachel Martin

Instagram Handle:
Personal: @mar1a_singer
Art page: @noturmoms_

Where are you from originally?
A little town north of Pittsburgh called Butler

Where do you live now?
A little college town further north of Pittsburgh called Slippery Rock

What first got you into art?
I’ve been into all things art since I was a little kid. My mom is a very creative person and my family is very creative and everyone has been very supportive in helping fuel my creative drive and hobbies. 

How would you describe your style?
In one word "Versatile". I tend to favor neotraditional/abstract/modernist but I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. 

What inspires you? Have any artists in particular been an influence on you?
My fiancé and daughter inspire me most. They push me to put myself and my work out there and to never give up. 
There are so many amazing artists out there pushing boundaries and dominating it’s hard to focus on just one. Each one brings their own style, uniqueness, and creativity to the table. 

What is your favorite medium?
Acrylic would have to be my favorite. I’ve recently tried out alcohol markers, pen and colored pencils and I’m loving it. 

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out?
My fiancé. He’s a huge motorcycle enthusiast and said while on IG one day said check these ladies out they are badass

What is your connection to the motorcycle community?
I’m fairly new to the motorcycle community. I grew up in a classic car household, where it was always vintage cars, vintage/classic style, racing, building, and decorating. My fiancé gave me a big push into the community, so I traded my roll cage for the wind in my face and haven’t looked back. 

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride?
I’m the operator and passenger of a 72 Sporty

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be?
I’d be a soft tail bobber. 

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree? What was your experience there?
I have not, but it’s on my bucket list. 

What will you be contributing to this years raffle? 
I will be painting an Atwyld jacket. And I am pumped!

Tell us about what inspired you to create it?
I’m going for more of a deeper meaning with my design. Something that shows strength and confidence, the action of leadership, and the individual’s solidarity within the community.