Babes Ride Out

Free Public to Host the Solo & New Rider Mixer at Babes Ride Out 6

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

Each year we are amazed by how many ladies ride solo to Babes Ride Out events. We know it can be a little scary as you don't know what to expect but we are here to welcome you with open arms and so is Free Public! To celebrate all the ladies who ride solo & are new to riding, we've partnered with Free Public to host a welcoming mixer during Babes Ride Out 6 each night after the motos are parked for the day with complimentary tasting of their incredible wine (it's so freakin' good!) in their lounge area. We want ALL ladies to come by, say hello, and welcome these courageous riders to the desert. This is a great opportunity for solo or new riders to meet more ladies in the community and make some everlasting friendships. Not much of a wine drinker? Grab a juice from the bar and head over to high five anyways, everyone is welcome! 

Rose, reds, whites, Free Public has wonderful options for all wine enthisasts. 

Rose, reds, whites, Free Public has wonderful options for all wine enthisasts. 

About Free Public: Although our mission in wine-life is to continue to make vibrant and approachable wines. Our passion is to encourage and support wildness in humans and nature by keeping public spaces free to roam. Free Public is a designated SPC (Social Purpose Corporation) to give back to the land that has given us so much.

We choose canning for the same reason. The ecological impact of cans is offset by their recyclability and the significant difference in shipping weight compared to bottles. Plus, who wants to pack out glass? 

About the Founders: Born and raised in CA, but calling Portland, OR home, Michael and Wendy Etter are designers and explorers that have a love of all things Pacific-side from the graceful power of the ocean to the quiet of the high deserts. They created the Free Public brand with Mattias Segerholt to show love for the culture of crazy pioneers and artists who have provided so much inspiration, from Guthrie to early west coast punk pioneers like X or the Minutemen. They are indebted to all free thinkers, explorers of garages, empty pools and wild spaces. 

Matt Lounsbury has been an integral part of creating what we know of contemporary ‘craft’ coffee culture today. As a fifteen-year veteran of Stumptown Coffee, he has traveled many of the roads we are now heading down, mostly by bike, to bring amazing coffee and cold-brew to the people. Inspired by companies like Sierra Nevada Brewing, Matt believes that companies doing a good job with quality can grow, get to more places and do so without sucking in the process.

Ron Penner-Ash created Penner-Ash Cellars with his wife and partner, Lynn, and he knows a little bit about wine. He brings the experience of a celebrated thirty years of making some of the best Pinot Noir available in the Willamette Valley and defining the Oregon style. They’re intrepid success gives us access to vineyards that others simply don’t have. Ron’s energy, rambling nature and love of the outdoors, keeps us moving.