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Meet Cassie Bennitt @miss_lola_mae | She learned to ride with VC London

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Our Friends at VC London have helped several women learn to ride over the years! We are excited to help support their efforts at Camp VC this year by helping to sponsor the "new-to-motorcycle" training classes. Seeing all of the new riders was such an inspiration for us! Meet Cassie and read her story on how she found her way to motorcycles with a little help from VC London!

Photo by  @spinalsnapshack

Name: Cassie Bennitt

Instagram Handle: @miss_lola_mae

Location: London

Where are you from and where do you live? I’m from St Agnes in sunny Cornwall and I live in East London.

What inspired you to want to ride a motorcycle? My family has always been in to classic cars and my Dad has ridden bikes since he was 16. He’s not getting any younger and he has arthritis (just like Clay from ‘Sons of Anarchy’, except not mean and scary) so I decided to learn to ride so that I could ride with him before he hangs up his leathers.

How did you first find out about VC London? My friend was badgering me about doing my CBT for ages and I kept procrastinating and putting it off. Then he messaged me that VC London were doing their first all-female CBT so I booked in straight away and the rest is history.

Tell us about your experience learning to ride with VC? Gemma and Mai invited me to a practice session the night before my CBT. I was really nervous (because I had only been on a scooter about 10 years before and it was a DISASTER) but the girls were so supportive that I forgot my nerves, got on with it and just had fun.  

Was it harder or easier than you thought? It was far easier than I thought it was going to be.  

Were you intimidated? Not in the slightest.

Do you practice you skills often just to stay sharp on your bike? Yes I do and I want to do my advanced riding course later this year. To quote my Dad, ‘it’s a warzone out there for bikers’ so I want to do everything I can to make sure I ride safely.

Tell us about the first time you went to Camp VC? I’ve been going to Camp since it began. First up I signed up as a volunteer – I was fresh into riding and didn’t know that many people so I figured that if I didn’t get talking to anyone, at least I would be kept busy. Turns out that I needn’t have worried because everyone was so friendly and I made friends for life.

What are your favorite memories from the event? I have so many great memories from each year, it’s hard to pick just one. I think it has to be a general one - waking up in the morning to a beautiful view, riding all day with a bunch of kick ass, fabulous women and coming back and partying and comparing stories from the day’s adventures. Oh and Namin climbing in the giant fridge after we had drunk a LOT of rum. That was classic. Definitely a fun memory.

How has learning to ride changed your life? Riding has introduced me to some amazing people and it’s taken me all over the world. I only wish I’d learned to ride sooner.  

What are your goals as a motorcyclist? To ride safe, have fun and travel the world on two wheels. Also, after my first little race at the Malle Mile, I want to do more racing.

What advice do you have for others who are new to riding or thinking about learning to ride? Just get out there and do it. It will change your life and I promise it’s nowhere near as scary as you think it might be.