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Babes in Borrego & The Original 50 | Meet Jessica Anderson

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Photo by Jennie Warren

Photo by Jennie Warren

babes ride out

On October 5th 2013, 50 women rode out to an undisclosed location for a night of camping and camaraderie. What would follow could not have been predicted by anyone. The positivity, passion and enthusiasm for those 50 women has fueled the growth and exposure of a community that has meant so much to so many. We are highlighting each of those 50 women and sharing their stories over the past 5 years. 

Jessica Anderson

babes ride out
  • Jessica Anderson
  • @Playfulplumeria
  • Lakewood, CA
  • Senior Tax Representative

How did you find out about Babes in Borrego and what made you want to be a part of it?

I saw it on Facebook and had just started riding. I knew no one so I figured I had to go to meet people to ride with.

When you arrived at the meet up, what was your first thoughts?

I was nervous. I hadn’t been camping since I was a teenager. I sent a million annoying questions to Ashmore freaking out about gear and how to get it all there. I did not have a sissy bar and it was a windy day. I have since streamlined everything lol.

Did you know anyone there? Is going on an adventure solo like this something you do or was this a first time out of your element kind of thing?

I did not know anyone. It was kind of out of my comfort zone but I try not to think or worry about things too much. I now go on long solo rides all the time.

To go to something like this and the destination be unknown is kind of crazy.  What did you think of riding with all those ladies and of the destination?

It was definitely interesting, especially once we hit the sand but that’s kind of the exciting part, no? Once we got there and got settled, I had a blast ripping back and forth on the dry lake bed. Loved the destination.

What was that one night like for you? Tell us about your experience.

One night was perfect for the size of our group. I was able to meet, talk to, and make a lot of friends from that night. Everyone was so nice that I didn’t have to worry about food (I barely was able to figure out my camping gear lol).

Tell us about the ladies you met and have your friendships have evolved over the past 5 years.  Do you keep in touch?

I met a lot of women that day, many of whom I still talk to and hang out with them. A few who I have done long trips with and am looking forward to more. From these women, I was introduced to other guys as well and have a large moto family that I call friends.

How have you changed over the past 5 years? (jobs, relationship, location, family, feel free to tell us as little or much as you want here).

Not much has changed besides my moto family. It has expanded, changed, and morphed into something amazing and am so grateful for it.

Have you gone on any more camping / riding trips since that 2013 ride? If so, where and with who?

I have gone on a million camping/riding trips since then, including BRO. Seems like there are almost one per month if not more. I went to Sturgis a couple years ago with a woman I met at Babes in Borrego and just got back from an almost 3K mile trip with another woman I met in the women’s riding circle.

What is it like coming back to Babes Ride Out as it has grown?  

I love watching it grow and seeing all the successes it has brought but in all honesty, I prefer smaller groups. Last year that I went to BRO, I had multiple friends there that I didn’t even really see all weekend which was kind of a bummer.  The nice thing now is you can make the experience whatever you want it seems.

What are your thoughts on the Moto community and industry as a whole?

The moto community holds a special place in my heart and probably always will. I have met lifelong friends but the thing I love the most is the comradery. As a whole, it’s like being in a special club or family just because you ride, where everyone watches out for each other. I have watched complete strangers reach out to help random people just because and it warms my heart. I only wish it was like this in everyday life because I believe we would be a lot better off as a society if we looked after each other more.