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Babes in Borrego & The Original 50 | Meet Jenny Czinder

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Jenny Czinder is one of those truly sparkly individuals who adventures through life in pursuit of the things that bring her the greatest joys. The fact that she jumped at the chance to ride out on a borrowed bike to an unknown location for a night of camping with a bunch of strangers tells you a little about what drives this woman! We got to re-connect with her to get her story behind that 1 magical weekend in Borrego at the our first ever event and what she has been up to since. Meet Jenny aka @hookersandpopcorn “When I discovered motorcycles I felt like I had discovered a long lost part of myself. I loved meeting all the other women who were empowered through riding and came out to the desert that weekend.” -Jenny

Jenny in her  Strange Vacation  Jacket

Jenny in her Strange Vacation Jacket

babes ride out

On October 5th 2013, 50 women rode out to an undisclosed location for a night of camping and camaraderie. What would follow could not have been predicted by anyone. The positivity, passion and enthusiasm for those 50 women has fueled the growth and exposure of a community that has meant so much to so many. We are highlighting each of those 50 women and sharing their stories over the past 5 years. 

Jenny Czinder

babes ride out

How did you find out about Babes in Borrego and what made you want to be a part of it?

At the time I had recently become friends with Ashmore and she mentioned she was planning a casual ride / campout in the Borrego desert. I lived in Portland but saw no reason why I couldn’t jump on this Southern CA fun train, so I bought a plane ticket and borrowed one of Ashmore’s bike for the ride. I was so excited I started rallying other Portland girls, whether they rode bikes or not, to come with me!

When you arrived at the meet up, what was your first thoughts?

I don’t remember having any specific thoughts… It was exciting, but also super peaceful. Like it was normal. Like we were all supposed to be there at that moment in time.

Did you know anyone there? Is going on an adventure solo like this something you do or was this a first time out of your element kind of thing?

I knew about 3-4 girls pretty well. I thrive in environments where I don’t know a lot of people though so I loved meeting all the other women who were empowered through riding and came out to the desert that weekend. Meeting strangers and watching new friendships grow is such a wonderful experience. A handful of girls I met that weekend are now some of my closest friends. Those connections are priceless and what I love most about motorcycles events, even more than the motorcycles which brought us together.

To go to something like this and the destination be unknown is kind of crazy.  What did you think of riding with all those ladies and of the destination?

Riding with new friends and experiencing a place I’d never been before might be one of my favorite things to do so I absolutely loved every moment of this adventure.

The dry lake bed we camped on was incredible. It felt like a dream, not just when I look back on it, but even while we were there ripping across it in the dust at sunset. You could just feel we were a part of something more than what was happening in that moment. It was pretty magical.

Tell us about the ladies you met and have your friendships have evolved over the past 5 years.  Do you keep in touch?

I went on this trip with no expectations other than to experience something new. I had no idea I’d meet women who would grow to be some of my closest friends. We may not all live in the same place but we make our paths cross as often as we can, and even when they don’t we keep in touch in all the ways you can these days :)

How have you changed over the past 5 years?

When I discovered motorcycles I felt like I had discovered a long lost part of myself. And this trip came shortly after I learned how to ride, so it felt almost like a celebration! All I ever wanted was to live fast and free and I’d finally found a community that felt the same. It felt like home.

At the time I wasn’t doing anything I was super passionate about, but learning to ride and meeting all these beautiful, strong women spark a flame in my soul and I’ve since been chasing down all the things that make me happy with a confidence I had never had before.

Have you gone on any more camping / riding trips since that 2013 ride? If so, where and with who?

I’ve gone on so many rides and campouts since 2013 I can’t even count! It’s been insane, and so, so much FUN! My favorite was the cross country ride I did for Harley Davidson in 2015 with Lana, Nina, Imogen, and Megan. Nina and Imogen being two girls I’d met at Babes Ride Out events ;)

What is it like coming back to Babes Ride Out as it has grown? 

It’s been pretty crazy to watch it grow, and grow FAST! I love seeing the spark and glamour in some of the girl’s eyes when they come to Babes Ride Out for the first time. It’s similar to my first experience in Borrego and I just get so excited for them and the inspiration that’s likely to come from it all.

What are your thoughts on the Moto community and industry as a whole?

The motorcycle community is more open arms than any other community I’ve experienced. You’d think with it’s gritty, intimating exterior it wouldn’t be that way but it truly is. It doesn’t matter where you are or what’s happened, if you are in need of anything you can count on this community to help you out. I feel like everyone loves riding and the energy and peace it can bring to life, that the majority of us are so stoked when others get into it, or want to share the road for a time. It’s about community, not competition and you really feel that within the family of those who ride - no matter what they ride.