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Babes in Borrego & The Original 50 | Meet Rebecca Hatcher

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Rebecca's second ever moto adventure was to Babes in Borrego. She has since been to all of the BRO events and on many many other trips including wedding anniversary rides with her husband. Read on to hear more about her story.

Photo by Genvieve Davis

Photo by Genvieve Davis

babes ride out

On October 5th 2013, 50 women rode out to an undisclosed location for a night of camping and camaraderie. What would follow could not have been predicted by anyone. The positivity, passion and enthusiasm for those 50 women has fueled the growth and exposure of a community that has meant so much to so many. We are highlighting each of those 50 women and sharing their stories over the past 5 years. 

 Rebecca Hatcher

babes ride out

Name:  Rebecca Hatcher @grindo_luva

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Housewife

How did you find out about Babes in Borrego and what made you want to be a part of it?  I heard about it from a friend at another campout and I thought it sounded exciting.  I really wanted to be part of it.

When you arrived at the meet up, what was your first thoughts?  I couldn’t believe there were so many other girls who also shared a love for riding motorcycles. 

Did you know anyone there? Is going on an adventure solo like this something you do or was this a first time out of your element kind of thing?  I only knew a couple of girls from Los Angeles.  This was my second moto adventure. 

To go to something like this and the destination be unknown is kind of crazy.  What did you think of riding with all those ladies and of the destination?  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to ride Babes in Borrego due to medical reasons but I’ve ridden everyone since. I was happy to be chase truck and hauled the camping gear and provisions. I met a lot of great women who I’m still friends with today and I thought the destination was amazing. It was unfortunate that I was unable to ride but it all worked out as I was able to jump all the bikes that ended up with dead batteries. Always carry a trickle charger..

What was that one night like for you? Tell us about your experience. It was really great to have the intimacy of such a small group. We drank, we smoked, we ate peanut butter cups and we listened to Icky Stacie’s crazy ass music.

Tell us about the ladies you met and have your friendships have evolved over the past 5 years. Do you keep in touch? The 1st girl I met was Stacie, she rode up on her bike alone and I offered to throw her shit in the back of my FJ so she didn’t have to carry it on her bike. We ended up sharing the same tent with a few other girls and we see each other at every campout it’s great. Next I met  Tyra and Jess ..enough said. These ladies had a whole fucking set up and were happy to feed my ass so I was pretty stoked. Tyra is my partner in crime we attend most of the same campout’s and I’m not sure how we’ve never been arrested but that’s a good thing. Ask her about the time I saved her ass from being dead by tent. Last but not least the both of you, Ashmore and Anya. Love running into you guys at the different moto events your always so nice.

How have you changed over the past 5 years? I got married about 4 years ago.

Have you gone on any more camping / riding trips since that 2013 ride? If so, where and with who?   I’ve done a few solo moto trips. Dream Roll in Washington State, Bass Lake and Mexican Hat Utah.  I also rode for my honeymoon up, down, and middle of the West Coast. June gloom is no joke!  My husband and I have made it a point to do a moto trip at least once a year and ride every other year for our anniversary trip. We hit up Sierra Stake Out last year on our way back from a 2 week trip through Oregon  and Washington. Next up Glacier National Park!

What is it like coming back to Babes Ride Out as it has grown?  I like the smaller campouts but it’s great to see all the girls even if it’s just once a year.

What are your thoughts on the Moto community and industry as a whole?  I say surround yourself with positive people and you’ll never have a bad time.