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Miki Masuda and Her Triumph Bonneville T120 | Finding a Perfect Fit at 5'2

Ashmore Ellis

One thing we've learned from these interviews is that it is normal and totally ok to try out all bikes to find your perfect fit. Your height, weight, riding style, budget, and type of riding you'll be doing are all huge factors in making your decisions. For Miki, it came down to weight, height, style, and function. Standing at a proud 5'2, Miki has a  shorter inseam but she knew the seat height and front/rear suspensions are all manageable with the Triumph Bonneville T120. Sure, she may wear boots with a little bit of heel to reach the ground but she was able to make other modifications to make her feel comfortable to ride this beautiful machine. Get to know her and her top 30 reasons why motorcycles make her happy. 

  • Name:  Miki Masuda
  • Location:  Marina Del Rey, Los Angeles
  • Instagram Handle: @bikermiki 
Miki at the Kill Bill Church

Miki at the Kill Bill Church

How long have you been riding motorcycles?

I rode motorcycles about 10 years when I was in Japan but I took a long break after I moved to the U.S. I moved to Los Angeles from New York over two years ago and bought Triumph Bonneville SE immediately because I wanted to join BRO. Since then, I have ridden more than 15,000 miles without commuting to work.

Why do you ride motorcycles?
There are many reasons why I ride a motorcycle. Here are my top 30 reasons to ride a motorcycle.

1.      Meditation - Clears my mind

2.      Find my Zen and inner peace

3.      Look cool. Being cool.

4.      Every picture with my bike will be very Instagramy goodness

5.      Downward peace sign

6.      Give the thumbs-up to a car driver who gives me space – Instant connection with the driver

7.      Save gas

8.      Save time in traffic - Lane-splitting is all about.

9.      Take the carpool lane

10.  Kids wave hands from a car and look at me like I am a superhero

11.  Dogs bark at me from a car and look like they want to bite my head off but I LOVE them all

12.  Living in the moment

13.  Freedom – Ignore all my adult problems

14.  Stress relief – A therapist and medications free

15.  Being real - You don’t know me if you’ve never seen me riding a motorcycle

16.  Road trips - Scenic rides are priceless

17.  Connect with nature

18.  Finding a Parking spot is easier

19.  Personalize a motorcycle is easily get done

20.  The fresh air on my face and the wind blowing through my hair

21.  Helmet hair and hair tangles that look even fabulous

22.  Work out – Moving a bike is great exercise  

23.  An adrenaline rush

24.  Talking about bikes all day long

25.  Appreciate the things in your life

26.  Getting lost on purpose

27.  All bikers are friendly - Bikers respect bikers

28.  All bikers are family - Strangers are not strangers anymore if they are on a motorcycle

29.  Bikers are never lonely – A solo rider doesn’t mean I am lonely

30.  It’s motorcycle – There is a motorcycle, I ride it without any reasons actually

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past:

1)   Suzuki TU250. (its called Suzuki Volty in Japan). 250cc was a great beginner bike.

2)   Honda Shadow 400. It was a smooth transition from 250cc.

3)   2014 Triumph Bonneville SE. Look at it. Needed to get it. Period.

4)   2014 Triumph Bonneville T100. Since May 2017. LOVIN IT.

What first attracted you to Triumph?

Hands down, the classic retro/vintage style with modern technology! The gorgeous wire wheels, chromed shiny covers, two-tone paint, and gas tank shape, all just look right.

Triumph has been keeping its design for more than half a century. Many people told me “my grandpa used to have a Triumph exactly like that” How cool is that?! I want to say that to young people who ride Triumph when I get old.

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How did you know it was the bike for you?

Love at first sight. Done. I didn’t even test ride. I took one look at it, and then there was no turning back. Even though I fall in love with Bonneville, I worried about the seat height and weight of the bike. I am 5’2 with shorter inseams but I knew the seat height and front/rear suspensions are all manageable. I wear boots to reach the ground. I made other modifications to make me feel comfortable to ride. It comes to the weight, I have learned how to control the weight of the motorcycle. At the end, If you love something, you make it work!

Tell us what it is like to ride?
I find myself being far more aware of my surroundings when I ride. Feel the wind, hear the sound, smell the land, stress relief, a sense of freedom and more. When this all comes together it is incredibly liberating. I have never experienced boredom while riding a bike. No matter how bad my day is, riding a motorcycle never failed to make me feel better. Every single time I get on my bike, it’s truly privileged.

Photo credit:  @victoryjon

Photo credit: @victoryjon

What made you choose your model over the other Triumph Models?
The classic retro/vintage style with modern technology! I love vintage bikes but don’t have enough skills to built either maintain vintage bikes. I couldn’t even see any other bikes. The price is very reasonable so she was my perfect fit.

I rode 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120 and it’s very smooth and steady throttle, 6-speed, ABS and bigger engine. This is the bike that I’m currently very interested.

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your new bike?

Every time when I ride my Triumph, it becomes an adventure but my favorite adventures with Triumph were;

1)      A trip from Los Angeles to San Diego. It was a day that I thought I saw a UFO or some kind of missile attack was happening but that was the SpaceX rocket launch was happening nearby. I was riding a bike on the Coronado Bridge and freaked out about what I was seeing.

2)      The 2017 Los Angeles California Distinguished Gentleman's Ride was the biggest group ride that I had ever joined. Countless of riders dressed up and rode motorcycles to raise money for prostate cancer research, men's mental health and suicide prevention help.

Photo credit: IG  @jskmotoco

Photo credit: IG @jskmotoco

Do you have any fun road trips planned?:

I don’t have a solid plan yet but I completed a two-week solo cross-country trip from Florida to California last year. I met so many bikers on the trip! Started this trip by myself but I was always riding with bikers who I met on the road. That experience was absolutely amazing. I have visited 40 statues in the U.S. so far.

Ideally, my next trip would be visiting statues that I have never been such as Alaska and Colorado.  

Photo credit: IG  @dla8

Photo credit: IG @dla8

Tell us about your experience at Babes Ride Out?

The first time, I joined BRO was in 2016. I didn’t have any female rider friends since I was new to Los Angeles. I searched a group ride and found about BRO. I joined a group ride to Joshua Tree and met cool girls who I still connect with. Over thousands motorcycle girls from all over the world in one place and riding with bunch of girls riders were so fresh and amazing.  It was all new experience to me. BRO is more than a motorcycle campout. It’s a community for women to come together.

Last year, I reconnected with my original BRO girls from 2016 and met more new girls. Most of the girls that I talked to are super friendly and very welcoming.  Every year, I meet more girls and connect with them. And I love BRO merchandise lol  Designs are amazing.

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