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Meet Michele Mazza | Featured Tattoo Artist at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

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We are thrilled to have 5 tattooer on site this year at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3. Meet Michele Mazza from Woodbridge Conneticut. It's Michele's first Babes Ride Out event so let's make sure to give her the warmest welcome. 

What do you do / for how long have you done it? I've been tattooing since 1997 with a bit of a break in between for a couple of years to stay home with my twins who are now 6.

What do you love most about what you do? I love meeting new people often and hearing their stories and designing a piece unique for them. I love that my job means I get to be creative most of the time!


Where do you come from and how did tattooing come into your life? I'm from CT but spent some time living in Fl, after leaving Ringling school of art and design in FL I came back home to seek out an apprenticeship and get more tattoos! I met an artist named Hens and was going to discuss my back piece with him.  He offered to apprentice me when I showed him my drawings and expressed my hope to find a mentor and learn to tattoo. After a traditional apprenticeship eventually I began working with him.

Tell us about motorcycles in your life. I had one years ago but I never stuck with it. I witnessed someone I knew crash and die right in front of me and I couldn't shake that image from my brain. I never felt comfortable on a bike after that and gave it up. 

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out? My friend and co worker Tracey Rose asked me to do it with her last year but I couldn't make it. This year I was hoping it would all work out! I love the idea of it, I love all of these awesome women who ride! I won't lie, I'll appreciate them and live vicariously through them from my minivan though! haha 

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? I think it's great that this event supports empowering women and just seems like a really great event overall!

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