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The Best Tips for Riding in the Rain via Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

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We hit up our friends at Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys to get their top 5 pieces of advice for riding in the rain. They gave us 6! If you are heading out this weekend, make sure to read through this helpful advice. 

  1. Check  your tires and ensure they are ready for rain aka no slick
  2. Eyes on the road! Avoid potholes and anything that is "kinda" slippery (white paint lines) as they will be super slippery when wet. Rainbow colored areas mean oil and nothing is more slippery than that. Railways are also slippery so take them straight on 
  3. Give yourself plenty of space between cars and other riders. Usually you can find a drier line so make sure to pay attention to where that is. 
  4. Invest in bright rain gear with reflective striping. Any High Vis is better than no vis! We also recommend using a clear shield with anti fog. This will GREATLY help with visibility. 
  5. Take your time! It's totally ok to slow down and be more careful in all of your movements. 
  6. Ride smarter.  Be aware of your throttle control and brake earlier than normal. By using the rear brake a little more than the front, you'll be able to correct errors with less risk of going down. 

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Babes Ride Out