Babes Ride Out

Slow & Low Rides Into BRO EC3 Sans Motorcycle… and we're not mad about it.

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There's nothing better than returning from a beautiful day on the road to gather with rad babes around a campfire, cocktail in hand - talking about life, singing some songs and letting the everyday woes fade into the mountains.

Thankfully for us, the whiskey-slinging gals from Slow & Low will be on-site with their custom 1978 Chevy G20 to make Babes Ride Out EC3 more memorable than ever before.

Babes Ride Out East Coast Slow and Low

If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing the Slow & Low van during its US cross-country tour over the last year, you should know, this is no ordinary vehicle on wheels.

This tricked-out Chevy is a fully operational rolling cocktail lounge complete with a handcrafted walnut bar featuring a keg of Slow & Low (yes, a keg of whiskey), leather bench seating, a booming sound system (make your requests now) and orange tufted paneling, because why wouldn't it?

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Slow and Low

Starting Friday night, Slow & Low will provide the ideal space to kick-back and relax, catch up with old friends and make new ones while sipping on the perfect elixir to build up your courage for our karaoke party! Not to mention - the set-up makes for a really sweet photo opp.

All attendees are encouraged to visit the Slow & Low mobile whiskey lounge Friday and Saturday during Babes Ride Out EC3. Learn why they call Slow & Low Rock & Rye, "Liquid Sunshine," score some swag, take some pictures, and make some memories.

Babes Ride Out East Coast Slow and Low

Babes interested in learning more about Slow & Low can connect with the brand on their Instagram and Facebook channels - rumor has it, they will be announcing some special BRO partnerships and giveaways too.

Looking to try some liquid sunshine before EC3? Try a Slow & Low whiskey lemonade at home.

SLOW POISON (recipe by Slow & Low)

Slow & Low Lemonade

  • 2 oz. Slow & Low
  • 1 oz.  freshly-squeezed lemon juice
  • .5 oz. simple syrup or agave nectar

Shake and strain into a collins glass over fresh ice with a lemon slice garnish.

Can’t make it to BRO EC3? Meet up with the Slow & Low van at upcoming 2018 events in cities including: Chicago, NYC, Jersey City, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and more... Learn more at:

In route! See ya at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3! 

In route! See ya at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3!