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Meet Sara Mulvey | Featured Maker at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3

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Babes Ride Out will be hosting our first ever Makers Market at BRO East Cost 3 this year. The BRO Makers Market is a curated group of female makers that will be on site showcasing their talents and  providing a unique experience for attendees. Meet Sara Mulvey; tin type photographer.

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Makers Market

What do you do / for how long have you done it? I am a photographer focusing in the wet plate collodion process and I have been creating tintypes and ambrotypes for about two years. 

What do you love most about what you do? I truly love the entire process of wet plate collodion photography. It is so satisfying to start with a blank sheet of metal or glass and see it transform through each step into something unique an tangible. The process itself and chemistry involved have become almost meditative for me. It has also taught me a lot about letting go and being inspired by an outcome you didn’t expect…there’s a lot of beauty in that. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Makers Market

Where do you come from and how did photography come into your life? Photography came into my life through an old cigar box given to me by my sweet, sweet mother. It had a bunch of tintypes of various family members in it and there was something so different about these photographs than any others I had ever seen. Even though I had never met these people and they had been gone for quite some time, something in their eyes felt so familiar. This is the same feeling I get when I look at any tintype whether they are family or I’ve never met them, its pretty magical. After that I was so interested in learning this art. I took a workshop with John Coffer in upstate New York and Ive been hooked ever since. John is wonderful beyond words and we keep in touch and troubleshoot through letters. Im so grateful to have learned from him, he sparked my love for photography and the historical process of wet plate. I also think it’s pretty neat that his farm is only about three hours from where we will all gather for BRO. Im excited to be in such a beautiful place with y’all!

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Makers Market

Tell us about motorcycles in your life: You know, Ive never had a bike of my own even though I have my endorsement. That hasn’t stopped me from living vicariously through y’all while I’m on the back of my sweetie’s bikes. He’s got a 75 Shovelhead & is working on a 54 Panhead that I keep saying he’s building for me, haha! I wish. I hope that seeing everyone having so much fun will get my ass into gear to finally get a bike of my own. 

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out? I’m lucky to have a bunch of amazing women in my life living all across the country and some of them have made the trek to BRO both East and West coast.  I heard they had a wild ride and had always been interested in checking it out! I didn’t ever imagine I’d be coming as an artist and am looking forward to sharing the weekend with y’all in this way.

Babes Ride Out East Coast 3 Makers Market

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out? I am so stoked to be a part of an event that focuses on women supporting each other. Too often as women and just in general as humans we are being divided and pitted against each other. Im truly honored and excited to be a part of such a tight knit community.  Im also really looking forward to meeting women who do rad stuff and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty!