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Sena Has 20 Years of Experience Encouraging Riders to "Go Out into the World"

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We've been riding connected for several years now but never got the whole story on the origins of Sena Bluetooth devices. Sena's origins started much like any of our favorite success stories, they wanted to make something BETTER. 

Sena started in 1998 as an industrial Bluetooth company and has held the title for world's best bluetooth device ever since. However, our CEO rides motorcycles and got fed up with motorcycle Bluetooth systems so figured with Sena he could make something better. Enter the SMH10 (Sena Motorcycle Headset) created in 2010, which shot Sena straight into the powersports industry. 

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There has been no looking back since and Sena has even expanded into the cycling market as well and to custom made Bluetooth helmets. 

20 years of Bluetooth later, Sena is an international company with headquarters based in Southern California, with offices spread from Germany to Korea and distributors everywhere between. Fun fact it is pronounced more like  "Say Nay" actually from two Korean words meaning to go out into the world. The US seems to be the only region with strong E in "sEEna". 

Babes Ride Out is thrilled to partner with Sena Bluetooth devices for Babes Ride Out 3! Make sure to head over to the Moto F.A.M raffle table to see their goods and buy some tickets. It's good karma :)