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From Always Riding Solo to Heading to Babes Ride Out East Coast on Her Thruxton, Meet Sherie

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Sherie is a solo rider and we respect that. It takes a confident and resourceful person to plan a moto adventure and hit the open road on their own. With four years under her belt and a slew of adventures lined up on her Triumph Thruxton 900, we have a feeling she's not slowing down on racking up the good times. 

Babes Ride Out East Coast

How long have you been riding motorcycles? Four years.

Why do you ride motorcycles? I love the physical and the visual stimulation of riding. It’s visceral experience that allows me to experience the world though movement and sound.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past: Ha! I started on an Aprilia Sportcity 125! Currently on a Thruxton 900. 

What first attracted you to Triumph? I went to the motorcycle expo in NYC. Sat on a few bikes nothing jumped out at me. Online I ran across a website detailing the “Café Racer” style. The next day I went to the dealer to window shop, not expecting to purchase. Sat on the Thruxton 900 and bought it right there! “This is my bike!” It was a feeling unlike any other moto’s I sat on.

Sherie L Weldon_6th Steet Specials _Flat Tracker Race Upstate.jpg

How did you know it was the bike for you? I was on the fence and trying to decide what was best for me and talking to other riders. But when I sat on the Thruxton 900! It just felt right! The physical and emotional response! I felt safe, and sexy! It’s a sexy and stylish moto! Design, Style and Reliability were the key factors in my selection. I had a bad maintenance experiences with the Aprilia!

Tell us what it is like to ride a Thruxton 900? It’s Unity & Flow! Hard & Soft! Dramatic & Soothing Experience. It’s a sensory experience that gives me peace.  I can travel in space of grace and fluidity on my bike! I love it! Not to mention the history of British Bikes.

Sherie L Weldon_Niagra Falls.JPG

What made you choose your model over the other Triumph Models? I walked over and looked at the other models and nothing gave me the connection or desire I felt after sitting on a Thruxton 900.

What has been you favorite adventure you have taken on your new bike? Toronto for sure! I did it solo in August! Went up through the Finger Lakes NYC, crossed over Niagara Falls to Canada! It was stunning.

Sherie L Weldon_Solo Toronto Journey.JPG

Do you have any fun road trips planned? Yes! Montreal! Love to moto through Europe soon! Feeling what I’m seeing out of Japan Moto scene! Got to Experience Japan! I am looking forward to meeting other women riders at Babes Ride Out East Coast 3. I only know a few at the moment. 

The new Thruxton comes with a ton of power and incredible features. As always, we encourage each rider to do their research and schedule a test ride. Like Sherie, you may just end up riding it home once you give it a shot (don't say we didn't warn ya!). 

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