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Red Wing Heritage Women’s & Mamas Ride Out

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There has been a strong and inspiring dialog of female camaraderie over the last few years. Women are changing the narrative that has typically been told in our culture. The idea that when you become a mother you must forfeit yourself and your passions for the sake of your family has become antiquated. Children and family rise to the top but should not replace a woman’s identity. We are on the brink of a new and modern way of thinking, and these are women who exemplify this modern woman.

We want to demonstrate the strength of mothers and to tell their stories. Mothers teach and lead by example and there is no better example than to be a strong person, continue to be yourself and to continue to follow your interests and passions. Read on to meet some of these amazing women!

Red Wing Heritage Womens & Ashley Wilson would love to meet all of you Mama’s that ride out! Join her Saturday morning at BRO6 9:30am on the deck above the coffee bar to connect with other mama’s!

babes ride out

Name: Jennifer McCann
Instagram: @jenfromthepast @shopfromthepast
Children: Dorothy (Dotty) and Henry (Hank)
Business: Red Wing Heritage Women's @redwingheritagewomen I also sell 1940s-70s western vintage clothing on Instagram. @shopfromthepast
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: My favorite boots to wear are the Clara and the Harriet

babes ride out

Name: Sara Dinges
Instagram: @dualsportwomen
Children: My kids are Amelie and Jack
Business: I'm a 4th grade teacher and started @dualsportwomen because I wanted to see more women riders represented in the world of dual sport.
Favorite Red Wing Heritage boots: I seriously love my Iron Rangers.  At any moto event it's dusty and dirty and they hold up so well.  I have walked miles in them and now they are my favorite hiking boot too.

Babes Ride Out

Name: Shelli Anderson
Instagram: @shelli_anderson
Children: Scarlet (8) and Penny (6) Anderson
Business: Hairstylist @shandhairz #hairbyshelli
Favorite Red Wing Boots: My daily favorite Red Wing Boots are the Iron Ranger.  They are sturdy, flexible and look really good too!

babes ride out

Name: Morgan Garritson
Instagram: @dangerjane
Children's names: Jack (3); Max (1)
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: I LOVE the Carols but the Moc Toes for riding and journeying 

babes ride out

Name: Michelle Clabby Lewis
Instagram: @imaclabby
Kiddos: Thomas Grey Lewis (2); James River Lewis (7)
Work:   See See KTM of Portland (@seeseektm) Macrame sold through @imaclabby
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: 8" Moc Toes

babes ride out

Name: Ashley Wilson
Children's Names: Eisley
Business: Buckskin Vintage @buckskinvintage
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: 6" Moc Toes and Silversmiths

babes ride out

Name: Chevonne Ariss
Instagram: @chevvvy
Children: Sequoia Jean Ariss
Business: @runaglassworks
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: 6" Moc Toes

babes ride out

Name: Brandi Grissom
Instagram: @mz_grizz
Children: Hunter Rose, Cannon Jeffery, Hartley Beau, and my husband- that should definitely count
Businees: I own a hair salon called Suite B hair studio @suite_b_hair_studio
My Hubby and I also own a concrete cutting company: Grissom concrete cutting
Favorite Red Wing Heritage Boots: Iron Rangers

Babes Ride Out 4 was Ashley Wilson’s first experience riding out to the desert. While at the event Ashley met Jennifer McCann at the Red Wing booth where they discussed the challenges balancing being a mother while not losing pre-motherhood self. Ashley now has a child, runs a business (@buckskinvintage) and continues to pursue her passions such as riding motorcycles, all of this while being a wonderful mother.

Red Wing Heritage is excited to announce that Ashley will be attending Babes Ride Out as a representative for mothers and caregivers who are also attending the event. She will be coordinating a group photograph of the attending mothers who wish to participate and connect with one another.

babes ride out

Tell us about yourself: Name? Work? Who is your little one? How long have you been a mother?

My name is Ashley Wilson! My husband and I run a small business called Buckskin Vintage in Ojai, California. I am the mother of 10 month old Eisley Wilson, she is our first child and is such a blast!

When was the first time you rode a motorcycle? What got you hooked and what do you ride now?

I grew up around motorcycles in the mid-west. My dad had a Honda street and my brother rode dirt bikes, which inevitably led me to the freedom of riding. When I was a young girl, my friend passed away on a four-wheeler and I saw the reality of the motor. I rode on the back of friends’ bikes and no longer had the drive to pick up riding on my own.

Once I moved out to California, I felt the call to cruise alongside the beach or in the mountains. I met my husband in 2010. He rode an 04’ Harley Davidson Sportster. He took me for rides to the National Forests in our area going way too fast.

In 2013 I started the search for a Vintage Honda CB450 for my first bike for the streets and found one from a girl in Carpinteria. My husband helped a lot through the process he was very supportive along the way. He was always vigilant to teach me safety.

I knew I was hooked the minute I had control of the throttle and the freedom of the road ahead. Time passed with the smaller bike I eventually sold the CB450 to upgrade to a bigger bike. I ride my husband’s bike now which I guess is my bike too because he rides my XR650 more than me!

When you first learned you were pregnant, did it alter your feelings towards riding motorcycles?

Even though I had mentally prepared myself that we were going to try to have a child, a part of me felt sad that I would not be able to ride during the process. I quickly realized that did not hold true, that it was an insecurity I was feeling about the possible judgment I would face. When I found out we were pregnant we were excited but of course apart of me thought “my life is over” I will never ride or adventure again. Clearly that is not true. I felt a shift, as most pregnant women do, and I felt a safety net engulfed me for a bit. I slowly let that net break and continued to ride the Sportster until I was too pregnant. Not long after giving birth, I was back on the road. Seeing other moms still riding inspired me to keep doing what I love!

We all have faced the fact that there are prejudices towards women who ride motorcycles. Whether we choose to continue riding or not is a personal choice and it makes sense to shift your focus. Whether that means taking a break or deciding to not continue is up to the mother.

 Have you found there to be more judgment since you have continued to ride after becoming a mother? 

I think it is easy for people to criticize. I do experience more judgment now that I am a mother. I’ve heard how it is irresponsible now that I have a family from a few people, but that’s okay, I get it, and they are allowed their opinion. For me the time on the bike reminds me of my freedom and I cherish those solo moments.

There are a lot of great resources for safety such as the Motorcycle Safety Course and there is great safety gear specifically designed for women. I wear Red Wing Moc Toes and the Silversmiths when I ride.  They are comfortable and they provide excellent coverage.

The biggest part of remaining positive when other people want to bring you down is knowing you’re not alone. Learning to accept people for who they are and what they enjoy is the example I want to set for my child. That is why I wanted to hold space for women who are mothers, caregivers or would like to be a mother in the future! It is important to know you have support from others in the community. The opportunity to unite at BRO allows for great connections and friendships! 

Being a mom is a lot of work. I look forward to be able to share and hear your experience of balancing time spent with family and the motorcycle! I hope to meet you all at BRO and connect on 9:30 am Saturday morning on the deck above the coffee bar. It will be great to share stories and get a group photo of all of us who have made this effort to come to the desert and ride together.

If you’re interested in participating or learning more feel free to contact

More to be announced on specific location and time!