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ATWYLD | Babes Ride Out 6 Gear Guide

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Road trips on your bike are so much more fun when you know you have the proper gear on! It can boost your confidence while riding and protect you in case. We got to catch up with our friends at Atwyld to see what they recommend for a trip to Babes Ride Out 6! Read on to see their selections!

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

Photo by Scott Toepfer of Joy Lewis in the Onyx, Convoy 2.0 and Voyagers

When heading to the desert, versatility and comfort is key. On many of the BRO6 routes you go through elevation changes which bring different temperatures. We recommend layering to make sure you are comfortable and not distracted the entire time. The Onyx Jacket is perfect for this. It is designed with some room for layering the Convoy 2.0 Armored shirt for impact protection as well as another layer like the Enduro Fleece Hoodie to add warmth if you are going through a mountain pass. The Voyager Moto Jeans look and feel just like your favorite skinny jeans but have both Kevlar and removable D3O armor to protect you. You won’t find a better fitting more comfortable riding pant around! The Enduro Fleece set is your “go-to” kit for after hours around the campfire. it gets chilly at night and comfort is key. These are the perfect pieces to get you through a weekend at Babes Ride Out! See you there!

The Onyx Jacket

  • Perforated Leather for ventilation

  • Mesh lining helps air flow

The Convoy 2.0 Armored Shirt

  • Removable D3O armor at shoulders, elbows, back and chest

  • Moisture wicking jersey and mesh panels

The Voyager Moto Jeans

  • Kevlar lined ay all impact zones

  • Removable D3O knee and hip armor

The Enduro Fleece Hoodie

  • Perfect to layer under the Onyx jacket if it gets cold or to stay cozy around the campfire

The Enduro Fleece Sweats

  • Keep you warm and comfortable in your tent after a long day of riding