Babes Ride Out

Meet Moto F.A.M at Babes Ride Out 6 and See Just How Far Your Dollars Can Go

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We’ve got a ton of new ladies coming out to Babes Ride Out so we figured it would be a great time to re introduce Moto F.A.M , a non profit that aids fallen riders. One of the most amazing things Moto F.A.M does is connect riders who may have suffered life altering accidents with other riders who have gone through similar experiences if not the same. They have created a community of love, support, and encouragement when riders and their families need it most and we are proud to support them and their mission. When you get to Babes Ride Out 6, make sure to head over to their booth to get (1) free raffle ticket with the option to buy more. To thank you for any further donation via raffle ticket purchase, Babes Ride Out as created a “Watch Out for Motorcyclists” moto key chain as a thank you to any donation over a $1. We know $1 doesn’t sound like much but it truly is! These dollars add up and make huge changes for those who need it most.

Babes Ride Out

About Moto F.A.M

Moto F. A. M. raises money several different ways throughout the year. We team up with different motorcycle shops, companies and motorcycle related events to raise money. We also take monetary donations from companies and individuals that believe in the work we do. This allows us to donate $500 to each rider that qualifies for help. Once we donate we post the riders fundraising campaign information on our social media & website, so that our supporters may also make a donation to the rider in need.  

During this process we help partner up riders requesting help with other riders that have already been through an accident & the recovery process. That way they can hopefully ease the stress of the situation and offer them support through the process. 

Lastly we have been working hard to find ways to increase riders safety and work towards accident prevention. Starting January 2018 we will be hosting and funding Advanced Rider Training courses. More information will be provided soon. 

We are always working on new ways to help improve the riding community and the way we impact it. 

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