Babes Ride Out

Sena x Babes Ride Out | Palms to Pines

SponsorsAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out and Sena take you on a little tour of one of our favorite routes leading out from camp! The Palms to Pines route is full of twists and turns, terrain changes and charming small towns. It can only be made better by enjoying it with you Sena Bluetooth device to connect you with your friends or listen to tunes or GPS! Scroll down to see what Sena has in store for you at BRO6!

  • Stop by the Sena booth on site to test ride one of their devices! See what it is like to ride connected!

  • A few lucky Babes will be walking home with brand new Sena devices from this years Moto FAM X BRO6 raffle!

  • Blind folded obstacle course ! One team member must solve a puzzle while blindfolded and only guided by their partners instruction through their Sena. First team to solve it WINS!

babes ride out