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Meet Kara Owner of Wasted Times and Contributor to Babes Ride Out 5's Moto FAM Raffle

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There are some incredible small business owners we have had the chance to meet because of Babes Ride Out. These ladies do things on their own terms and with such style and grace that we instantly want to learn more about them and how they went from a 9-5 to working 24/7 running their own online stores, boutiques, restaurants, jewelry lines, and more.  Meet one of those ladies and raffle contributor for Babes Ride Out 5, Kara from Wasted Times

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• Location Riverside, CA
• Business | Job Wasted Times - Owner
• Website
• Social Handle @wastedtimes_

Tell us about yourself and how you ended up where you currently live?
I grew up in Long Beach, CA then when I turned 20 I met my current boyfriend, ended up
moving in with him and have been in Riverside ever since.

How has your city surroundings changed your lifestyle?
It’s different for sure. I went from being blocks from the beach right between OC and LA,
everything I could possibly want to do within a 30 min drive. Now I’m in the desert and what a
lot of my old friends consider “the middle of nowhere” haha. I do things now I never did growing up like camping, snowboarding in Big Bear (trying), taking the day to go out to Joshua Tree. I love it. I’m a lot more adventurous.

Tell us how your business came to be.
Wooo SO I’m really short - 5’ even - and have been altering my own clothes in some way for
quite a long time now. All my friends always complimented on how I could take a baggy tee and make it so cute and fitted. I was in between jobs and one day, my boyfriend told me “Why not make a business out of it?” I thought he was crazy, why would anyone want to buy cut and sewn vintage from ME?! But he persisted and my friends all told me I should do it, so I did. I almost completely sold out at the first event I vended. It took off so much better than I could have ever imaged.

What is a day in the life like when you run your own business?
BUSY! You may think it’s all coffee and workout classes but it’s more like sweat and dirt and
digging through piles and piles and piles of old clothes for hours on end (even in this summer’s 110 degree heat) but I wouldn’t change any of it for the world. I love what I do and I have met the most AMAZING people doing it.

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What are you currently working on?
Currently figuring out the next step. Bringing in more independent brands, bringing in more
variety of vintage, You’ll have to wait and see :)

What is something you cherish about your profession?
Being able to dig, pick something out, rework it, and see the customer get so excited when they find it in my booth. Oh and seeing someone walking around wearing something I sold them. Still trips me out.

What are you donating to the raffle?
The specifics are a surprise! But it will be a prize pack of a few different items.

Any recommendations for ladies traveling to Joshua Tree for Babes Ride Out 5?
Make sure and check out Pappy & Harriet’s, and get ready to have the best weekend of your life.

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Scroll through Wasted Times collection and make sure to say HI to Kara next time you see her <3