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Sometimes You go to Babes Ride Out & Leave With Your Life Changed | Meet Myra Anderson

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Babes Ride Out is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some of us it's a place where like minded ladies can get together from around the world,  ride motorcycles, and cheers over a cold one at night. To others, it's a place to find encouragement, friendship, and possibly a new way of looking at life.  Call it what you will, but Babes Ride Out will always be a place where each riders is encouraged to be themselves and be open to experience the incredible commandery that exists in this tiny community we create for a weekend. Meet Myra Anderson, owner of Jackalope Trading Co (hand picked, curated vintage apparel, accessories and motorcycle parts and see how attending a Babes Ride Out event brought her a new opportunity to do something she truly loves. 

Photo by @themouseandthemoto

Photo by @themouseandthemoto


Tell us about yourself and how you ended up where you currently live?
I’m originally from a small town in Washington state up near the Canadian border.  After studying fashion design in Seattle, I moved to Los Angeles with my husband.  We’ve been here for over 10 years and love it. When we first moved, I left my motorcycle behind thinking I wouldn’t want to ride in this traffic.  After a 7 year hiatus, I was back on 2 wheels and ready to learn how to ride in the car craziness.  

How has your city surroundings changed your lifestyle?
I have so much offered to me everyday so this city keeps me active.  I can catch a great band, see an art show, throw back a few drinks with friends, walk to great event or eat delicious food any day of the week.  It’s also great to get out of LA to go camping, explore a small town, play in the mountains, or hop on my bike to go on an adventure.  This city keeps me excited for life because it offers so much.  

Tell us how your business came to be.
A year ago, I rode to my 2nd Babes Ride Out with a couple of rad ladies (shout out to Candy and Savannah).  I was meeting Savannah for the first time outside of shopping her vintage business, Jackalope Trading Co, at moto events.  I had the best weekend with those ladies riding motorcycles through Joshua Tree National Park, finding the secret “David Lynch-esque” bar, dancing my ass off and hanging out with rad people.  Fast forward 6 months…  After Savannah landed a job at S&S Cycles in Wisconsin, she offered me the chance to purchase the business.  By attending Babes Ride Out 4, I met a rad woman who gave me the amazing opportunity to become a small business owner. 


What is a day in the life like when you run your own business?
I work full time as a fashion designer by day so Jackalope is a part time business.  My husband and I do this together.  Our nights are often spent posting on social media, preparing shipments to go out, and shopping for new items.  Running a business while working full time is a lot of work but it’s really rewarding. 

What are you currently working on?
We’re currently working on building the online store.  Soon I hope to add my own designs, like upcycled leather bum bags (fanny packs) and some motorcycle inspired apparel. 

What is something you cherish about your profession?
It’s very rewarding to be involved in a community that is such an important part of my life.  Since my husband and I both ride, having a side business that coincides with what we love gives us so much joy.  We started this business as an excuse to hang out with rad people and keep our thrifting habits alive.  My side job kicks ass! 

Photo by @trashy_candy

Photo by @trashy_candy

What are you donating to the raffle?
We are donating a super sweet worn to perfection vintage Harley Davidson sweatshirt.  We are also collaborating with Broken Arrow Jewelry who will be donating a beautiful turquoise cuff.  

Any recommendations for ladies traveling to Joshua Tree for Babes Ride Out 5?
If you’re a new rider, find a great leader to ride out with.  If you don’t know how to find that leader, head to one of the meet ups or connect with people on Instagram.  My first Babes Ride Out experience started with a meet up at Glendale Harley Davidson.  I didn’t know anyone when I left for Joshua Tree and I had the time of my life at Babes Ride Out 3!  
If you don’t know anyone, come anyway (see above and note that because of Babes Ride Out, I now run a small vintage business that I love).  This community is very welcoming- car or moto! Careful if you see sand! 

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