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Locals 101 | Meet Sarah Tabbush Owner of Pioneertown General Store and Joshua Tree Local

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Joshua Tree is filled with tons of small businesses owned and operated by the kindest people you will ever find. These locals know the area like the back of their hand, welcome us with open arms, and are thrilled to invite all 2,000 of you ladies coming to Babes Ride Out 5 to stop by and say hello. Meet Sarah Tabbush, owner of the Pioneertown General Store (located behind Pappy and Harriets) Sarah has generously donated a ton of items to the Moto F.A.M raffle for Babes Ride Out 5 and will be working at her store all weekend. Stop in, say hello, and pick up hand made one of a kind souvenirs. As a bonus, Sarah has offered a 10% discount to ALL Babes Ride Out ladies who stop by. 

Located behind Pappy and Harriets! If you do the Pioneer Loop, this is the spot to stop!

Located behind Pappy and Harriets! If you do the Pioneer Loop, this is the spot to stop!

Name: Sarah Tabbush
Location: Pioneertown
Business | Job: Owner/Manager, Pioneertown General Store
Social Handle: instagram: @pioneertowngeneralstore and @sarahtabbs

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Tell us about yourself and how you ended up in Joshua Tree:

I grew up in Los Angeles and spent most of my life bouncing around from city to city trying to find the perfect place to call home. But when I finally came back to the desert where we used to vacation as a kid, I realized this place was perfect. It had all the wonderful elements of every city I’d ever loved. The desert, and especially Pioneertown, has the friendliness of the south, the beauty of the southwest, and a certain outlaw attitude that really resonated with me. This would be where I’d finally be able to settle down and “retire.”

How has your desert surroundings changed your lifestyle?

I slowed down a ton. The most important things to me now are preserving nature, spending time with my growing group of friends and investing in our small community. I start every day with a quiet cup of coffee on the patio with my dog Thelma. I finish most days watching the sunset in the same spot sipping tequila. The pace of my days are set by the sun and who’s having a BBQ.

Tell us how your business came to be.

I’ve always been passionate about bringing people together through community.  I’ve always done some type of volunteer community outreach and my last corporate job was in a marketing role for TOMS shoes. More and more it started to feel like I could better serve this purpose in a smaller capacity right here in the desert. I wanted to provide a place for all of the amazing creators in our community to sell their goods- I wanted to directly help build our local desert economy. I also wanted to have a space where people could come and feel comfortable hanging out- you wouldn’t just come to pick out a few things, you’d want to hear the stories of the people behind the products that I sell and stay a while. Beverages, a turntable and a comfortable seating area were important elements of the store design!
What is a day in the life like when you run your own business? Most days you’ll find me in the shop with my dog Thelma (nicknames include wild child, dingo… you’ve been warned). I’m usually chatting with locals and visitors aged 13-75 over a cup of coffee or a beer. My favorite moments are when  someone new comes by the shop and they’re greeted by old-timers who tell stories about the old days of Pioneertown when Hells Angels and horses all rode together on our dirt roads. 

Vintage, hand made goods, and all sorts of treasure.

Vintage, hand made goods, and all sorts of treasure.


What are you currently working on?

I’m always looking to support more females doing amazing things. I have more than 15 handmade products by local women and friends of the community and I’m always looking for more. I have product made by men too, but not as many…  It just so happens that the desert attracts some badass women and I love that!


What is something you cherish about Joshua Tree?

There is a spirit of community, kindness and creativity that I’ve never seen elsewhere. You have to be pretty tough to make it out here. The weather is hot and dry in the summer and cold in the winter (it even snows in Pioneertown at 4500 ft altitude). We have tarantulas, scorpions, bears, rattlesnakes. Not to mention trying to make a living! We really rely on one another to survive.  I’m extremely grateful to be a part of this community. 

What are you donating to the raffle?

I’ll be donating a few handmade items from some of my favorite ladies creating badass things:
Handmade leather motorcycle wallet by Joshua Tree local Maya Vega  Golden Hour Leather
Handcrafted Mojave Bush Balm Chapstick by Pioneertown local Sarah Witt , Motorcycle Bell by Jennifer Ilalaole  CobraCult Jewelry, Desert sunset chainstitch embroidered patch from Die Trying TX Tarot Deck by Joshua Tree local Mary Evans Spirit Speak Love’ Strawberry Rose Oxymel by Joshua Tree local herbalist Rachel Burgos Snakeroot Apothecary.

Any recommendations for ladies traveling to Joshua Tree for Babes Ride Out 5?

Try to avoid the sandy spots on the dirt roads if you’re on a street bike! And if you find yourself there anyway… the old-timers always taught me to just keep on the throttle and ploy through like you’re driving a boat.  But slow and easy dragging your boots works too! 
And do the Pioneertown ride! Not only is my store on the route… but it’s my favorite ride. 10% discount for all BRO ladies at the Pioneertown General Store, too! Here are some other great spots to shop in the area:

  • The Bloomin’ Gypsy Homegrown for plants, flowers and other treasures
  • Hoof and the Horn: Men’s and women’s western and bohemian style clothing and more 
  • The End: Magical curated vintage and designer clothing shop featuring local art, jewelry and textiles 
  • Funky and Darn Near New: Colorful vintage clothing store featuring local artists and more
  • Black Luck Vintage: Vintage, vinyl, clothing and handmade art
  • Pioneer Crossing, Tamma’s Magic Mercantile and The Mother Lode for antiques and other desert finds
Sarah and her angel, Thelma <3 

Sarah and her angel, Thelma <3