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Biltwell BRODEO at Babes Ride Out 5 | Get Ready to Get Bucked Up

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Biltwell has gone all out this year to bring in some good times to all you ladies at Babes Ride Out 5! Introducing the Biltwell Brodeo, a mechanical bull riding contest happening Friday evening. Make sure to get back to camp in time to get some practice rides in before the competition starts. The lovely Tiffany Lynn will be hosting and this is open to ALL ladies!  Read below to get all the details!

Blitters getting BUCKED UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!

Blitters getting BUCKED UPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!




Registration and practice from 4:00 – 6:00 pm 

Competition for longest 2 handed from 6:00 – 7:15 pm 

Winner of best 2 handed is disqualified from competing in best single handed

Competition for longest 1 handed from 7:15 – 8:00 pm

Awards directly following competition by Jen Hallett

o   Biltwell BRODEO 2016  Champion – Dos Manos (longest 2 handed award)

o   Biltwell BRODEO 2016 Champion – Uno Mano (longest 1 handed award)

o   Biltwell BRODEO 2016 – Carnage Award (doesn't need explanation) 

Rules of the Competition

1. Must sign a waiver before riding the bull

2. Practice will be on a first come first serve basis. Line up if you are interested and practice as much as you want until competition begins

3. Once competition begins, you can ride the bull as many times as you want. Riding the bull will be on a first come first server basis. Ex., get back in line as soon as you get tossed off the bull if you want to get in as many rides as possible.

4. To compete, you do not need to join practice. You can sign a waiver after competition starts and get in line to ride the bull.

5. Awards for longest 2 handed and 1 handed ride will be given out based off of the most time spent on the bull.

6. Timing will start when the air horn sounds and end when the first part of the rider’s body touches the ground

7. If you have the longest 2 handed ride, you will be disqualified from winning the best one handed ride. Sorry, just trying to keep a pro from snatching up all the awards :) 

Don't worry, you won't need to memorize the above :) A large sign with the schedule of events and  printed “rules sheets” will be on hand.