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Los Angeles | Meet-up and Ride to Babes Ride Out 5

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Looking for a group to ride out with to Babes Ride Out 5? Look no further! We will have rides leaving from Orange County, L.A., Arizona, Las Vegas and more.  For tips and tricks about riding in a group read the blog we wrote for Progressive MC HERE



Thursday 10/19/17

Arrive at: 10:00am

Kickstands up at: 11:00am


Name: Triumph of LA

Address: 8515 S La Cienega Blvd, Inglewood, CA 90301


Coffee: Yes

Breakfast: Donuts

Free tire pressure checks: At Lucky Wheels


BRO5 Thursday.jpg



Suggested rider ability: No Rider left behind

Suggested engine size requirements to keep up with pack: Ability to ride at HOV lane speeds (80 mph)

lane splitting: no

speed limit: Ability to ride at HOV lane speeds (80 MPH)

Gas stops: Yes


arrive at  Triumph LA with a full tank of gas.

We will be riding to Lucky Wheels Garage, 255 N Mission Rd, Los Angeles 90033 to pick up additional ESMB women and do tire pressure checks. KSU from Lucky Wheels @ 12:00 noon.  Pack lunch.

Lead Rider Contact:

Name: Kim O’Reilly

Email :

Instagram handle: @triumphofla , @triumphwomenofla

Phone Number:860-868-1703