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Katie Sue Weissel and her Stetson

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With over 150 years of rich history behind them, Stetson is an iconic American brand that is ever evolving and forever timeless. From true western cowboys, to Hollywood elite to U.S. presidents, these hats have brimmed the heads of many throughout history. We are proud to be supported by Stetson and show you a glimpse of the women in our community that have  a true personal connection to this brand. - Babes Ride Out

Meet Katie Sue Weissel! Well, most of you already know her as the the karaoke hostess with the mostess. You've either been kicked off stage or freak danced by Katie Sue at one point or another! Not yet? Well this is your year. Katie Sue has become a permanent fixture at Babes Ride Out and we could not love her more! Her stage presence during karaoke is nothing short of mezmerizing (especially during long instrumentals). She is one of those people that will have you cracking up the majority of the time you're hanging out with her. We caught up with her to talk about why, for her, a Stetson hat is more than just a style accessory. 



Katie Sue Weissel


Los Angeles, CA


Content Maker, professional weirdo

What kind of bike do you ride?

Harley-Davidson Sportster

Tell us about how you got into riding motorcycles:

I got introduced to motorized two wheeled through my close friend/roomate Lea Sabado and her partner (now husband) Andre.  We were room mates living in San Francisco, and at the time I was two-wheels, all the time, but strictly leg-powered bikes.  Lea and Dre were into riding and building mopeds and vintage scooters, and the idea of motorized two-wheel travel was exciting and new for me.  I decided to take the CHP class and see if I liked riding motorcycles, and of course I did. I saved some money and bought myself a 1975 CB 125.  That was over a decade ago. 

I bought my first motorcycle because I wanted something to do on my own.  I wanted to get around faster, go further, and make new friends. I had also just been injured on my bicycle, and so having a motorcycle made getting around the city much easier.  I rode the hell out of that little moto—all over San Francisco, Treasure Island, and up and down the California Coast. Lea and I even founded a girl gang called Hot Rides in 2010.  Eventually, a time came when I wanted more, something bigger, so again, I saved up and bought myself a Sportster so I could go on long distance trips.

How has Babes Ride Out and the community impacted your life?:

Babes has allowed me to meet some of the most incredible and amazing women and friends I’ve ever had.  I know it sounds super cheesy, but it’s true.  For the first time in my life, I feel like I’ve found my tribe of people who, while we are all so different, have the best time together.  Some of the people I’ve met through the Babes Ride Out community are my best friends.  I know I can travel with these people.  I know they’ll stick around when things don’t always go according to plan.  I know they’ll hug me when I cry, then laugh at me until I’m laughing to.  It’s such a special bonding experience. 

I think as an adult woman, it can be hard to make new friends.  When I moved to Los Angeles from San Francisco about two years ago, I was leaving my life and friends behind, and starting on an entirely new adventure.  I had met a lot of acquaintances through Babes, and when I moved, these unicorn ladies that I barely knew made me feel at home in a new town, and now are members of my inner circle of close friends.  Going to Babes, making these connections, meeting people who live across the world has provided a network of rad people who I can meet once, karaoke with, then a year later call up and ask to crash on their couch.  It’s invaluable to me. 

Can you share a favorite memory you have from a Babes Ride Out event?

When we hosted karaoke at Babes in the Dirt last year and I was absolutely blown away with the spectacular talent these women have.  Someone got up and sang Björk’s “It’s Oh So Quiet” and I was stunned.  A rider named Gevin blew my socks off with her rendition of “Welcome to the Jungle” and I feel in love.  It was really fun to see everyone get up and perform for their friends and strangers.  The energy was so positive and fun, it felt very electric.  

What is your dream motorcycle trip?

This is a hard one, because I’m not really sure I have a “Dream” trip.  Across the US?  Dual sports through Alaska?  Riding the perimeter of Australia?  I’d love to ride to Zion, and visit as many National Parks as possible. It all sounds amazing!

Describe your personal style:

My personal style I’d describe as V Chill. Comfortable, laid back, with a touch of flair and fringe.

How did you first hear about Stetson?:

Stetson is a legacy brand that, to me, is synonymous with craftsmanship and western wear.  My dad has a Stetson and has been wearing one on adventures since I was a little kid.

What drew you to the Stetson Gallatin Crushable ?

This hat is my favorite because I can literally crush it. I’m not a delicate person, and I keep destroying other felt or wool hats that I owned. 

Because of my fair skin, and the fact that I’m prone to skin cancer (already had some removed!) I’m that friend who always wears a hat.  I needed one that would provide sun protection as well as look great and travel well.  And this has been it for me.  I’ve traveled all over the world with this hat – from the Sierra Nevada mountains, to the beaches of Australia and it’s held its shape, and provided infinite style. The hats are super quality and I get compliments on mine wherever I go!

How does wearing a hat make you feel?:

Protected, chill, and happy.