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BRO5 Artist Series | Jake Mullins

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Babes Ride Out Artist Series highlights the talented people in our community. Every artist donates their time and creativity to create a custom piece for the BRO5 Raffle. We are so happy to be able to support Moto F.A.M. through the proceeds of the raffle each year. Moto FAM raises funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. Thank you so much to Vans for contributing the skate decks for the Artist Series this year!

Meet Jake Mullins!


I'm from Ashtabula, Ohio

I currently live and work in State College, PA also known as Happy Valley or Penn State.

I first got into art when I was a kid, I guess. Always had a lot of fun in art class. Then I got into skateboarding a little later, and really enjoyed making stencils to spray the grip on my decks. Punk rock band logos and other "edgy" crap. I never really made art as consistently as I do now til I started working at a tattoo shop doing body piercings in '09. I had my foot in the door of the tattoo world, and kind of suddenly realized that skill doesn't just show up one day, and I had to start putting a lot more work in.

The only way I can describe my style is "tattoo style" I suppose. I really love traditional tattoos, but if the art is off of the skin I'm more likely to get a little wacky.

What inspires me most is looking at other people's art. Whether it be on a bike, on skin, paper, or an advertisement. Anywhere. Always looking for another trick to shove up my sleeve. There are tons of artists that inspire me, but the ones who have influenced me the most have gotta be JR Tubbs, Lowercase j, and Timmy Tatts. All amazing tattooers and flash painters.

My favorite medium is watercolor, or crayons.

I first heard about babes ride out through Dice, or chopcult maybe?

I don't really have much connection to the motorcycle community other than a few buds in my area that have been kind enough to share some knowledge with me. I see a lot thru instagram and that's what has been putting the bug up my ass to travel and get to more motorcycle shows, but that hasn't happened yet.

I've been riding a Suzuki savage for the past year or so and I've got an xs650 in the works that is almost done. I've gotHarley dreams in my future but they haven't found me yet.

If I were a bike? Whatever kind of bike runs on cheese burgers, and Colt 45.

I've never been to Joshua Tree, but I've also never traveled west of Illinois.

I'm going to paint a skate deck for this year, and I think it'll be a fun one.

My girlfriend tipped me off on this BRO5 artist thing so that credit goes to her because I totally would've missed it otherwise. As far as the art goes I just want to paint some rad biker crap, and hopefully people will like it!