Babes Ride Out

BRO 5 Artist Series | Jessica Fife

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

Babes Ride Out Artist Series highlights the talented people in our community. Every artist donates their time and creativity to create a custom piece for the BRO5 Raffle. We are so happy to be able to support Moto F.A.M. through the proceeds of the raffle each year. Moto FAM raises funds for riders that have been hurt in a motorcycle related accident, or the family of a fallen rider. Thank you so much to Biltwell for contributing the helmets for the Artist Series this year!

Meet Jessica Fife!


Where are you from originally? Whittier, CA. Lived in Long Beach for 12 years before moving to the South.

Where do you live now? Nashville, TN.

What first got you into art?  I have always made art. Growing up, it was my favorite subject in school and that’s when I decided to get my Masters in Fine Art. Teaching and making art is my passion.

How would you describe your style? Figurative surrealism. I use a lot of symbolism and it can get pretty weird at times.

What inspires you? Have any artists in particular been an influence on you? Nature, personal relationships, God, and any of moment, object or thought that has sentimentality or meaning, inspire me. The artists that I have drawn inspiration and developed my style from have always been characterized by their work that is painstakingly developed, their transparency and boldness. Artists like Frida Kahlo, in her fervor to expose every ounce of pain and joy symbolically and with such rich color and surrealism.

What is your favorite medium? Oil paint

When did you first hear about Babes Ride Out? Anya! We’re friends from Long Beach. I was also the Coordinator for BRO 2. I did a tank for the raffle that year, too.

What is your connection to the motorcycle community? I have always had friends that rode. I got my license 3 years ago. I started doing helmets and tanks a few years back which has connected me with riders all over the country. 

Do you ride? If so, what do you ride? I do. I have an all original 1974 Honda CB550 from Mississippi. She’s orange and named Lucille.

If you were a motorcycle what kind would you be? I would be a Triumph Bonneville with a colorful flake paint job, and a sweet sidecar for my french bulldog Hank. 

Have you ever been to Joshua Tree? What was your experience there? Many times! It’s one of my favorite places. My grandparents owned a house out there, so I’ve been going since I was a kid. The deep blue skies and vast landscape inspire me constantly in my work. 

What will you be contributing to this years raffle? A custom painted black Gringo Biltwell helmet

Tell us about what inspired you to create it? I am making my logo come to life. My logo is a unicorn skeleton. Painting Joshua Tree desert at night filled with stars, maybe stormy with lightning bolts with a fierce unicorn skeleton tearing through the landscape.

IG= @Fife_moto_art