Babes Ride Out

Progressive MC's Dark Room is Returning to Babes Ride Out 5

SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We’re pleased to announce Progressive as a sponsor for Babes Ride Out 5 and the return of the Dark Room Interactive Photo Wall! In the days leading up to Babes Ride Out and throughout the weekend, ladies can use the hashtag #ProgressiveDarkRoom to capture their favorite riding photos. When the ladies arrive at camp, they can visit the Progressive tent to view their own photos and others’ adventures from the weekend! They can even pick up their prints as a souvenir! In addition to the Dark Room, Progressive will be hosting “Helmet Hour” before and after rides to capture each lady in their true element and with their favorite accessory. 

Progressive can’t wait to meet all of the awesome ladies attending Babes Ride Out 5. Don’t forget to follow @ProgressiveMC on Instagram to follow their road to Joshua Tree!

Dark Room Hours at Babes Ride Out 5 

•    Thurs 2 pm – 10 pm
•    Fri 4 pm – 10 pm
•    Sat 5pm – 10 pm


Images by Jenny Linquist