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Roll Call | Meghan Moorlach of The Burnout Babes

Roll CallAnya Violet

Hi all! I’m Meghan Moorlach, a freelance photographer and graphic designer based out of Des Moines, Iowa - and also run a female only motorcycle club, The Burnout Babes (link: I ride a 2014 Triumph Thruxton, which is a dream to ride, and I couldn’t love it more!

Two years ago my two best friends and I made the adventure out to California for BRO 3! We chose to fly out and rent bikes, since it was our first year. We landed in LA, where I picked up my 2013 Triumph Bonneville and then headed down to Joshua Tree! 

We came down a day early so we could stay at the Hicksville Trailer Palace (link: If you’re in the area and you’ve never been there - do it IMMEDIATELY! They have a bunch of refurbished vintage camper trailers, an in-ground pool and beer in the vending machine. Also, don't forget the rooftop hot tub!

We woke up the next day for some breakfast at the Joshua Tree Saloon (link:, some cacti shopping, and lunch at Pie for the People (link: before we came to check in at Babes Ride Out. For those of you who’ve been, you know the feeling you get when you arrive. For those you haven’t been yet - it feels like coming home. All these women in one spot - that have the exact some love of riding you do - it’s so magical!

Once we arrived, there was so much to do! We checked in and got our goodie bags full of patches, stickers and other fun things. And of course, headed straight for the free beer from the ladies over at 805 Beer (link: We also ran over and got signed up for flash tattoos!

That night was a blur! There was pizza, beer, moonshine, and music! LA Witch and Dorothy were AMAZING. And the moon was literally so bright you didn’t even need a flashlight to walk around camp. The camaraderie of all these women hanging out and having a good time, is a feeling I can’t even put into words. Like I said before, it was magic.

The next morning We. Rode. Everywhere! Pie for the People, Pappy and Harriet’s, Joshua Tree National Park, Pioneertown, all of it! Let’s just say Des Moines, Iowa and Joshua Tree are a little bit different from each other, so we soaked up as much as we could get!

Sadly we couldn’t make it out last year for BRO 4, but this fall, we plan to ride the 1,600 some odd miles from Iowa! You can see the map for the route we’re planning to take, so if you’re close-by we’d love to ride with you! We met so many smart, beautiful, amazing women last time we were in Joshua Tree - and we want to meet more!

If you want to get ahold of me - you can find me on Instagram @madeinthemidwest and our motorcycle club @theburnoutbabes.