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A Minute With Biltwell |Top Reasons to Replace Your Helmet

DIY Tips, SponsorsAshmore Ellis

We've been exploring Biltwell's "How To" YouTube channel to find out how easy it is to personalize your moto and keep it maintained. Since this channel serves as a rabbit hole of knowledge we wanted to start with the biggest issue, making sure your helmet fits! Here is the easiest way to measure your head to understand what size helmet you need. 

Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your Helmet

  • Has it been over 5 years? Replace
  • Did you crash? Replace
  • Did you drop it hard enough to do some damage? Replace
  • Is it a novelty? Replace
  • Doesn't fit? Replace

Still not sure? Stop by the Biltwell headquarters and get fitted or scroll their assortment HERE. The friendly staff is always happy to help in person or on the phone. Your helmet decision is totally up so ask questions, do the research, and you'll find your perfect fitting helmet (you'll thank yourself later) - Ashmore