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Red Wing Womens

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Red Wing Shoe Company was founded in 1905. In 1926 they debuted their first ever womens “Gloria” boot. And now, 91 years later, Red Wing Heritage has a full line of womens boots designed for the independent woman. The Women's Heritage collection continues to build upon a legacy of USA-made excellence. The boots built today are as enduring as the boots built over 100 years ago.

Babes Ride Out is so thrilled to be able to partner with a brand with such a rich heritage. Constantly on the go, on and off our bikes, a well-made boot is a crucial component to a weekend campout.

Producing an event for thousands of people is no joke. You are never not on your feet and running around. You might be up on a ladder hanging signs and banners one minute and tramping through the forest or the desert to set up your tent the next minute.

Comfort and durability are key when packing for a Babes Ride Out weekend. Red Wing Womens has offered a line of boots that are perfect for a camping, adventuring, working, dancing, and all around good time kind of weekend.  We are so thankful to have a pair of boots that can keep up and stand the test of time.

Featured Boots:

Iron Ranger

6 Inch Moc