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DOROTHY at Babes Ride Out 5

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If you have not bought your ticket yet to Babes Ride Out 5, get ON IT! In addition to camping under the stars with the most fun-loving group of women on the planet, endless perfect moto roads, tons of sponsor activations, and countless adventures to be had, we have booked none other than DOROTHY to play Saturday night! If you have not experienced this woman live yet, prepare to have your mind blown! You have exactly 12 weeks to memorize her entire album before she takes the stage! As one of our all time favorite artists we had to get to know a little more about her and what inspires her as an artist. See you soon Dorothy!

Photo by Andrea Dosouto from Babes Ride Out 3

Photo by Andrea Dosouto from Babes Ride Out 3

Where are you from originally?

-Born in Budapest, raise in Socal

Where do you live now?

-Los Angeles

Tell us about your childhood. Was music always a big part of your life?

-I started singing at a young age, was in the school choir, sang the national anthem at my high school graduation, and picked up guitar as a teen.

What inspires your music?

-Life, heartbreak, love, other people, movies, stories.

Any rock icons that you would consider to be a huge inspiration to you?

-Steven Tyler

What is something random about you that most people don’t know?

-I can cook Hungarian food and I like to paint

Tell us about your other band members.

-They’re a fun, rambunctious group of guys who love playing music. We are like family.

Can you share a story from some of your favorite performances or tour destinations?

-I went on a haunted ghost tour in Savannah, GA and had the best shrimp and grits in my life. It started flash storming and I was walking around in flip flops with my guitar player. It’s the most magical city I’ve ever been to.

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

-I’ve ridden on the BACK.

If you were a motorcycle what kind of bike would you be?

-A vintage harley!

What did you think when you first heard about Babes Ride Out?

-I thought it was badass, and a great bonding experience for women, I’m glad you guys put it on.

What was it like to play Babes Ride Out 3?

-I’ve never seen so many screaming women in one place, and we all loved it!

Are you excited about playing our 5 year anniversary BRO5 in Joshua Tree?

-Beyond excited, I just shot a music video out there for DOWN TO THE BOTTOM. I’m curious to see how many ladies show up this time and experience the growth of the festival!