Babes Ride Out

Meet Walter from Kickstart Cycle Supply

Ashmore Ellis

I first met Walter in CA the soon heading out to the east coast to ride the Gypsy Run in the lower Catskills in 2013. The ride was incredible and I met a handful of ladies I am still friends with today. Some say Walt is best friends with Bon Jovi, others claim they have seen him choke a bear with one hand, in any case, Walt is a legend and even though he looks tough, this guy is the biggest sweetheart there is. We've been lucky enough to call him a friend every since and he has been a huge supporter of Babes Ride Out East Coast. Walt will be up by the camp store Sunday morning from 7 AM - 11 AM to check tire pressure, provide tools, and help ensure your bike is road worthy for the ride home. Make sure to stop by if want to get your bike looked at by a professional.