Babes Ride Out

Sarah Delia and her Triumph Bonneville T100

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Meet Sarah! She we ill be attending her first ever Babes Ride Out event this year at BRO East Coast 2! Check out how she found the perfect road trip bike in her Triumph Bonneville T100!

Name: Sarah Delia

Location: Burlington, Vermont

Where are you from? Vernon, New Jersey

How long have you been riding motorcycles? 2 years

Why do you ride? I ride because I’ve never found a better form of meditation, because I’ve never found a better therapist, and because I’ve never loved life more than I do behind a set of bars.

Run us through the list of bikes you have had in your past if any.
I started on a Ninja 250 and two months later I was sitting on my brand new ‘15 Triumph Bonneville T100. It’s been a bit of an addiction since then and i’ve traded the 250 for a newer Ninja 300 and I also have a ‘16 Ducati Scrambler Italia.

What bike do you ride now? I switch between the Triumph and Ducati most of the time and save the Ninja for rips around the track.

What first attracted you to Triumph? The classic styling of the bike and the rich history of the name. I also loved all of the custom Triumphs I was seeing on social media.

How did you know it was the bike for you? I was looking for a bike that could fit the vision I had for my dream ride - something with good bone structure, something black and sexy, something that was a reasonable size for me. I saw the T100 and didn’t even second guess that it was the bike that would take me into the depths of a motorcycle obsession.

Tell us what your bike is like to ride? It’s like being cat woman. The bike is smooth, maneuverable, and honest. Its comfortable for long distances and it’s saddle is great for two-upping with a friend for full-moon rides up mountain roads. It’s the kind of bike you bond with over long stretches of cross-country miles and lake side picnics.

What made you choose this bike over the other Triumph Models? The classic styling and beautiful base structure for customization.

What has been your favorite adventure you have taken on your bike? The Triumph hasn’t taken any long adventures yet, but her and I have spent thousands of miles riding around New Englands autumnally painted roads and those rides are absolutely the best.

Would you recommend your to other riders? Why? I would absolutely recommend the Bonneville to anyone looking for a practical, stylish, versatile, richly cultured and customizable bike. It’s great for country roads, it’s great for city roads, and throw some knobbies on there and it can be a fun scrambler, too.

Do you have any fun road trips planned? BRO east coast! The Bonne and I will be attending that with a bunch of the Litas from New England. I’m also planning a two week trip to ride around Yellowstone and the surrounding area.

Have you been to any Babes Ride Out events before? If so, what was your experience like? This will be my first BRO! I had a ticket last year but I broke my ankle opening track day a week before the event.

Any recommendations for new riders? Take new roads, wander aimlessly, stop often to do handstands on the side of the road. Name your bike and bond with it. Live an open road and never, ever stop exploring.

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