Babes Ride Out

Atwyld at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2

Anya Violet

At Babes Ride Out East Coast 2016 last year Atwyld had just received prototypes of their first collection. Now this they will have their full size run on Collection 1 and soon-to-be-launched Collection 2 on site for you ladies to try on! This brand has come a long way in 1 year and we are so excited to have them back!

From the mountains to the beach and the deserts to downtown Atwyld gives you the freedom to fly. Check out the latest video by Atwyld: Elevate and Accelerate Volume 1

Video by Sayer Danforth and Chad Huff of Space LB

The Navigate Moto Fleece:

Our mission was to create an amazing piece that transition from riding your moto to everyday street wear to hanging fireside at a campsite to weathering a cold night in your sleeping bag on the side of the road. Meet Navigate! This is not your average sweatshirt! This slim fit pullover fleece is fully lined with DuPont™ Kevlar® to protect you incase of an unexpected slide. It features quilted leather sleeves that add an extra layer and block the wind. The entire interior of the garment is lined in super soft cotton spandex jersey, which is really cozy against your skin. Diamond stitch quilting pattern on the front and stripe quilt stitch pattern on the sleeves give it a vintage moto feel. With the added spandex this style is easy to pull on and off over your head like nothin’. We recommend buying a size larger and layering this piece over the Convoy armored shirt for extra protection!

The Shred Moto Jeans

Women’s Kevlar lined motorcycle riding pants. The Shred combines classic high waist skinny denim fit with true moto leather features that take this style to the next level.

With Cone Mills level II S gene technology Shred has a great stretch comfort that fits amazing. Buttery soft leather panels down the front leg block the wind and add another layer of protection. DuPont™ Kevlar® lining at all the major impact zones adds a key technical element. Removable D3O® knee and hip pads offer a higher level of protection for serious riders and can easily remove once you get to your destination.

Hand-crafted in Los Angeles by skilled craftsmen with over 40 years experience in leather manufacturing. Most of all this style is constructed flawlessly with reinforced seams and the pattern is articulated to the riding position.

Photos by Jeff Stockwell