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Adventure to Trona Pinnacles | Shot on the SENA 10C

Anya Violet

As motorcyclists, we get to experience the world in a unique way. Feeling the temperature change as you leave the coast and head into the desert and watching the terrain change with every mile.  Hop on board my Triumph Street Scrambler adventure to Trona Pinnacles with Corinne Lan Franco! Shot on my Sena 10C!

shot on the 10C

shot on the 10C

I have always been a no frills kind of rider. I keep it pretty minimal when it comes to gadgets and accessories. I just don't like to have to fuss with things and just enjoy the ride. However, when I was introduced to the SENA 10C I thought I would give it a try. 

The 10C is both a video camera and a bluetooth communication device rolled into one. It is so easy to install in any helmet that I transition it back and forth between my street and dirt bike helmet, no problem. With a touch of the button you can switch between listening to music from you Iphone or chatting with your road dog. The camera has multiple settings so you can record your entire ride and fill up the whole memory card or you can just grab 1 minute clips of the best parts of the road. I have taken my 10C on adventures on and off-road and on 1200 miles road trips. I will be the first to admit that this gadget just makes the trip more fun!