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FosterBuilt Coffee is Coming to Babes Ride Out East Coast 2

Ashmore Ellis

There is nothing better than waking up from a night(s) of motorcycle tent camping to a hot cup of coffee. In my case a cappuccino (the fuel to my fire!). This year we are bringing in the pros, FosterBuilt Coffee, to serve you coffee, capps, and cold brew to keep you energized for a day full of riding the lower Catskills. Get to know more about the husband and wife team and see what they will be serving up!


To me, coffee is a conversation. Like most people I know it is the first one that I have with myself every day and it is the ritual that jumpstarts my consciousness so that I can be a functioning person for the next 12 hours.                                                                              

After living and working in New York City as a director and filmmaker for 15 years, I moved to the beautiful mountains of the Catskills, to a town called Bovina in 2011. It was then that my long-awaited romance with an 1850's farmhouse (now The FosterBuilt Inn) and barn finally became a reality. This move, to upstate New York, was what inspired and fueled FosterBuilt Coffee. 

The perfect cup of coffee is definitely a subjective canvas, up for interpretation and opinion. My enhanced interest in coffee comes from living off the land (a 20x40 abandoned plot turned urban community garden) in Venice, California in the 1990’s. It was during that time that a swarm of "foodies" would show up for big weekend breakfasts and dinners and share what culinary discovery their mind was currently exploring. Coffee became one of the discoveries of our group and it wasn't long before I was hooked on making my own espresso drinks. 

Obsessed with the craft of making cappuccinos for myself and my numerous house guests (New Yorkers escape the city in droves when they have refuge elsewhere) I was finding it both an expensive and hard to sustain coffee habit while living in Bovina. After researching roasting coffee I found some raw beans and started roasting with a stovetop roaster. However, the yield was so small that I still couldn't even serve myself and my company with it. That's when I found a kit to convert a barbecue into a coffee roaster by attaching a rotisserie (much like or what is used for roasting chile peppers) and a metal basket within the barbecue. 

FosterBuilt Coffee is based in a small dairy town called Bovina. Here's a link to a great event we do in August showcasing the different types of people and crafts in Bovina:

Tell us how your business originally got started. Have you always been into coffee?
I love food. I love coffee! There were no good coffee places around when I moved up from Brooklyn, so I started roasting and then it grew... full story video at

What will you be serving + prices?
Cappuccinos $4
Coffee $3
Cold Brew $4.50 


When will you be open?
7am to midday unless the relentless demand for good coffee keeps me at it! 

What do you love most about owning a coffee truck?
I built it out of wood from a sawmill down the road. It doubles as a tiny home and I've traveled all across america with it.  

What’s your relationship with motorcycles?
There is not a day I'm not on one.

Are you ready to quench the caffeine needs of  500+ moto babes?
I might be up for the task. Ha. Yeah, I'm pretty stoked & looking forward to it. 

Matt Petricone and Casey Steffens