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Sailor Jerry Camping Cocktails

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Ashley Marsh is an expert when it comes to camping cocktails. She shares some of her favorite Sailor Jerry mixes that will have you dreaming of kicking your boots off after a long ride through the Catskills Mountains. See you at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2

Summer is almost here, our bikes are out of storage and Babes Ride Out East Coast is quickly approaching! With the road calling and camping on the brain I wanted to give a few quick recipes to make the night by the fire extra special. Like any other part of camping, prep is the key to success! Some things need to be packed ahead of time but most things are available right by your tent! Gas station mixology! With so much more than ice and donuts, the nearest gas station is a one stop shop for a great fire side cocktail! Below are a few drinks sure to make you look like a pro.


–pack your favorite metal camp cup and keep it clipped to your keys and use for coffee in the morning

1 part Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

2 parts apple cider (a New England staple)

Cinnamon sticks

Fresh apple slices (gas stations have fruit! Who knew?!)

Combine all in your trusty camp mug and put on the fire away from the flamewith indirect heat. Heat and serve!


1 part Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum

2 dashes hot sauce

¼ of a fresh lime

1 can of beer

Shake Sailor Jerry with lime and hot sauce and pour into a beer glass full of ice. Top with beer and squeeze ’n drop a lime wedge garnish.


-Available in plastic jug that is perfect for pre batching!

1 part Sailor Jerry

2 parts lemonade

Pour out about ¼ of the lemonade and give to friends, then pour 1 bottle of Sailor Jerry Spiced Ruminto the jug and you are done! All in one container with a lid and ready to keep you coolon a hot day by the river