Babes Ride Out

805 Beer at Babes Ride Out East Coast 2

SponsorsAnya Violet
Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

Photo by Heidi Zumbrun

805 Beer was originally called honey blonde ale and was only sold in the Firestone Walker tap rooms located in Paso Robles and Buellton California. As the beer gained popularity among the locals, the name changed. 805 is the area code in the area known as the Central Coast of California which is made up of 6 counties from Ventura to Santa Cruz.

“In the 805 we have an underlying ethos: do not what you’re told, only what you tell yourself. Living where the mountains fall into the sea, character is deeply etched by the rugged, authentic beauty of the Central Coast. The land sets our pace, 805 beer goes down like life here. Balanced. Real.”-805 beer

Once only sold in the 805 area code, a whole slew of Bootleggers started heading to the central coast to fill up truckloads of 805 and take to Northern and Southern California. The term “bootlegger” became part of the American vocabulary when the 18th amendment to the U.S. Constitution effected the national prohibition of alcohol from 1920 until its repeal in 1933. This year, for Babes Ride Out East Coast 2, we’ll be bootlegging cases of 805 beer and bringing a taste of the central coast all the way to the Catskills Mountains in New York. 805 is a A light, refreshing blonde ale created for the California lifestyle. Subtle malt sweetness is balanced by a touch of hops, creating a versatile beer with a clean finish. We will have a cold one waiting for you when you get off your bike! CHEERS!