Babes Ride Out

Rachel Cravens and Her Triumph Thruxton

Roll CallAnya Violet

I’m Rachel Cravens from Cambridge Massachusetts. I was born and raised in California, but I didn't get into riding motorcycles until I was a hardened New Englander! ( kicks self repeatedly) I've been riding for 10 years now.  I keep a bike on the road year round to take advantage of those occasional awesome winter days... and because I don't own a car...

I caught the bug after my first time on the back of a sport bike my husband brought home, and I had my own bike later that year.  Life was pretty wild at that time, and riding actually helped me center myself, and learn mindfulness. Going for a ride is still the best medicine for clearing my head and doing some meditation. And it's the best way to see, smell, feel, and taste the world!

The bikes I have had over the years are; 1986 Suzuki Savage 650, 2002 Ducati monster S4, 2009 Triumph Thruxton 900, 2012 Triumph Daytona 675, and a 2013 Suzuki DR 650.  I'm currently riding the Suzuki DR and the Thruxton. 

Triumph motorcycles originally attracted me with their looks, I'm not gonna lie, but these babies are reliable too! The Thruxton just hit 26,000 miles, woo! He's really the best all around bike I could ask for, perfect for city hooliganing and long slab rides, but I needed a track day toy too, and the Daytona is my ideal modern sport bike with minimal electronic rider aid interference.  Its screamingly fast and confidence inspiring, and I always feel connected to the machine and the road. Both Thruxton and Daytona ride smooth as butter and sound like purring jungle cats!  I am also looking into acquiring a Triumph Tiger for the next big riding adventure in my life, touring with my daughter! (when she's big enough)

I rode the Suzuki DR to last years Babes Ride Out East Coast, and I am so excited to ride the Thruxton this year! There will be like 12 girls on Triumph bonnies and scramblers all leaving from the Boston area and we are really looking forward to rolling into camp together along with 40 or so others in our local crew! BRO is pretty much the best thing ever.  As someone who spent years riding with mostly guys ( I still love you too, guys) the dynamic of all us girls just being awesome with our bikes in the woods, by ourselves and for ourselves is a magical feeling. One of my favorite moments from the first night in camp, when a group of total strangers walked by my friends and I and said " hey wanna come shotgun beers with us?" Yes please. 

My recommendations for new riders... invest in real riding gear and wear it, learn how to wrench on and maintain your bike, live on your bike...and you will find the secret of happiness.


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