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Husqvarna Motorcycles will be joining us at Babes in the Dirt 3 with the fleet of demo bikes. If you have not had the chance to try out one of these amazing machines this is your opportunity. Names will be added to the list in the order the e-mails are received. See below on how to sign up and make sure you read all info before signing up!

E-Mail the following info to:

Title your e-mail: HUSKY DEMOS

Include the below info:

Full name:

Email Address:

Riding Ability: Beginner / Training Course Preferred / Intermediate / Advanced?

Arrival Time:

Demo rides start Friday at 2pm and end Sunday at 11am you will assigned a time slot so make sure you are available during those days and hours. Sorry, no time slot requests and no bike requests.

All info on bike demos, bikes and instructors can be found HERE. Read carefully before signing up.

In order to participate in the Husqvarna Motorcycles Demo Program you must be 21+ years or older and bring the following::

1.       Government issued photo ID

2.       Signed Waiver Release Form (this will be provided at the booth)

3.       Proper riding gear including but not limited to:

•        DOT approved helmet

•        Goggles

•        Motorcycle gloves

•        Motorcycle jersey or approved long sleeves

•        Motorcycle riding pants

•        Boots (Full length not work boots)

Head to Husqvarna booth to check in once you arrive.

If you have made the sign-up list you will receive and email confirmation by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17

If you have not made the sign-up list you will receive and email by no later than Wednesday 4/26/17. Definitely still stop by the Husqvarna booth and say hi and check out the bikes. They will have open demo rides on Sunday morning for those who missed out.