Babes Ride Out

WLF Enduro X Babes in the Dirt 3

SponsorsAnya Violet

BRO x WLF - This year the [WLF] pack will be coming out to bring the heat…literally! We’ll be contributing all the firewood to keep you babes warm in the cold Gorman nights! We’ll have “The Den” rig on site with stickers on the bumper (free take one / you’re now part of the pack) & filled with firewood so please come up and take all you’d like to stay toasty. 

The WMN of WLF will be participating in the Husky demo class as well so if you see them give them a twist of the throttle to show the stoke. Also look for us on the trails in our “bumble bee” sleeve strips, we are here to lend a helping hand if need be but mostly for trail high fives and hill climb hoots!

WLF is fired up to be a part of the BRO / BID3 and can’t wait to see all you ripping ladies out on the dirt doing what you do best…peace, love and 2 or 4 stroke smoke!! 


We are of humble beginnings from the hills and deserts of Southern California. Some of us have been riding and racing dirt bikes from birth, others of us picked up the sport later in life. What started as a handful of rag-tag teachers, salesmen and construction workers has turned into a PACK of riders connected around the globe. From Dual Sport/ADV bikes, technical Off-Road, Enduro riding, or just plain old black top we love it all. We are brought together by moto-comradery and the passion of exploring life on two wheels.


Besides physically riding any chance we get we do have a passion for shedding a positive light on the adventure and exploration on two wheels. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality moto-documentation that is safe for the entire family. Our audience ranges from the 3-year-old ripper on a 50cc to the 80-year-old vet on a 1200 adventure bike, and everyone in-between should be able to experience the joy of twisting the throttle.


Outreach: Giving back to the community is one of our key pillars at [WLF]. We're very fortunate to be able to enjoy this amazing sport and community and want to continuously show we are grateful to be a part of it. We work to partner with charity organizations and events to help those in need. We are a family, a PACK, and part of something greater than all of us, its truly a blessing.  

Events: Our team is active in nearly every local ride possible. We respect the handwork put in to seeing up these events and value the opportunity to participate. From charity events to visiting the local District 37 meetings we strive to give back to the moto-community.

Recent Event Participation: D-37 Ride for Kids & LA - Barstow to Vegas, Silly Sisters Shoe Drive (Local foster community), Big Bear Trail Riders Events, OC Dualies Events, Cal Poly Hi-Mountain DS & MSR Saboba Rides. 

Come & be a part of the pack, all are welcome, together we ride;


I got to ride with this crew a couple of weeks ago and we had an absolute blast! Check it out! Shot on the Sena 10C