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Jennifer Pietrzyk & Her Triumph Street Scrambler

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My name is Jennifer Pietrzyk. I am a civilian police paramedic in Greenburgh, NY. I worked NYC as a 911 paramedic for several years, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Bronx. I have had a love of motorcycles as long as I can remember. I grew up with my Dad’s motorcycle. He had a 1973 Triumph Hurricane and a 1965 GTO but I just loved the motorcycle. I remember being very small and just waiting for my dad to take his bike out. I knew he would ride alone first but I would sit and wait in the garage for hours just so he might come back and give me a ride. I couldn’t wait to hit the road and I would smile the whole time with through the scratched up plastic on my blue snap on face shield of for my 1970’s original helmet.  My dad was in a couple motorcycle gangs growing up in Michigan. He and his buddies all were into Triumph, Norton, Matchless, Vincent..etc.. I am sure this is what fostered my initial love for the Triumph, it’s all I knew.

 I was born in Detroit but quickly moved to Phoenix, Arizona when I was 5. I am sure my ol man wanted my brothers to get interested in the motorcycles but they never did. It was just me, and he wasn’t interested in the girl liking motorcycles.  I wasn’t able to get my own bike until I moved to NY.

My first bike, which I still have today, is a 1973 Triumph Trident. She is inoperable for now but I plan to change that. She wasn’t so reliable so in 2006 I bought a brand new Bonneville. I had that for 11 years with not one problem. She was a 750 but I had no problem keeping up with anyone else. I took her on my one and only (so far) “long adventure”. My girlfriend and I rode to Washington D.C. She on her 1984 CB900C and me on the Bonneville.  It was a fun trip, she had been riding about a month and with my poor directional skills and trip planning we encountered almost every road and road condition one can encounter in a 5 hour trip that took 9 hours. I am not going to be the route maker again!

Our next trip will be out very first BRO trip. We’re going to the Babes Ride Out East Coast 2 and I am looking so forward to it! I won’t be taking the Bonneville because she was backed into while parked and was considered totaled by the insurance the company.

So, we now have a 2017 Triumph Street Scrambler. I have always wanted one and it gives me a bit of everything. It has the classic look I grew up with and love with much more versatility. And a gas gauge!!!!! I am still getting used to the Scrambler. So far, we are getting to know each other better and better. It handles beautifully, it feels like it wants to eat up the road and loves to hug the corners. I just feel so comfortable and like I can handle anything I encounter on the road. It is just so easy to ride and what I love about motorcycles is not just the freedom, the feeling of being in the world and not just watching it but the way that everything I encounter, all the stress in my day and the job and people and patients and trauma, and death and dying and people just being mean and demanding just all slides off me as I ride. I can relax and let everything go! I can sometimes just be in my own head and figure out my world as I ride. It’s just the bike and I becoming one and just sliding through life. 

What I would suggest to new riders is learn on what you want to ride. My ol man and all his buddies always said that.  If you buy a small bike you’re going to learn how to handle a small bike. You’ll outgrow it and just go get a new one which just helps out the people who sell motorcycles.  Take the safety class. I rode for years with no license. I decided to just take the course and get my license. They teach you great things. Take the class and most important….. WEAR THE GEAR ALL THE TIME.  I remember as a paramedic seeing a motorcycle ripped in half and on fire. My heart sank. The rider was married with kids. He was riding 120mph lost control and crashed. The bike was ripped in half and caught fire. He was thrown/slid 100 yards. When I got to him I was unprepared for what I encountered. He had an abrasion on one wrist and a hematoma on his other hand. Yes, that’s it. His only injuries were so minor if the mechanism of injury were not so crazy you would not even think to call 911. He was in absolute full gear Dianese leather pants, jacket, gloves, boots, full face helmet. His gear saved his life. ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME!!!   Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t ride or can’t wrench. Get the bike, learn, fix, gear up and have fun!


- @pietrzyk

- Jen Pietrzyk

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