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ROLL CALL | Meet Kristen Scalia of Kanibal & Co

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Name: Kanibal & Co. / Kristen Scalia
Instagram: @shopkanibal

Where do you live?

The shop is located in Historic Downtown Jersey City, NJ. I live in the Lincoln Park section of Jersey City in a late 1800s row house that I’m slowly restoring. I also have a cabin upstate in the lower Catskills.

What do you do and how long have you done it?

I own and operate Kanibal & Co., co-own a not-for-profit festival company, and just embarked on a new venture that will be announced this summer. The brick-and-mortar shop celebrates 8 years in business this year, however I’ve been operating the company for just over 10 years.

What do you love most about what you do?

Kanibal & Co. is a lifestyle store selling a range of home décor and apparel, so I get to shop for a living and curate a unique selection of goods. However the best part of the job is interacting with the community, working with new designers, and hosting workshops in the store where 100% of the cost goes back to the local artist. I love where I work and live and feel passionate about reinvesting in Jersey City. The shop provides a unique platform for us to assist other small businesses and return the kindness we were shown when I first starting out in business.  

How did you hear about Babes Ride Out?

Who hasn’t heard about Babes Ride Out?! Actually a few friends participated in last year’s ride and stopped over for some ice cream while riding past the cabin we have along the Delaware River. I get to ride through the Hawks Nest every time I head up to the property and I was excited to hear that it was part of the Babes Ride Out map.


What did you first think about Babes Ride Out?

Babes Ride Out aligns pretty closely with the motto of Kanibal & Co: Work Hard and Place Nice. There’s nothing wrong with grinding all week so you can enjoy nice things with a great group of people. Life is all about the simple pleasures, right? Well that’s what I tell myself every time I carb-load on pasta.

What makes you interested in supporting Babes Ride Out?

As a female-owned business it’s important to align the shop with other like-minded businesses. Creating environments that build confidence and encourage women to pursue their passions is important, especially in our current political climate. That said, I also strongly believe in the power of unplugging from the daily hustle to take a deep breath and get lost. Babes Ride Out epitomizes freedom and exploration. 

Tell us about motorcycles in your life…

Oh geez. Do you have enough room in this blog post? So I’ve always been a bit of a collector and when I met my husband (I sold him taxidermy!) several years ago we embarked on a relationship of enabling that shows no end in sight. Pete restores vintage bikes and races for AHRMA, the American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association, in the Sportsman 350 and Sportsman 500 division. He’s also building a replica racer for the AHRMA GP. One day we are going to restore a vintage sidecar and I’ll get my act together and monkey.
Currently we have a mix of projects, road bikes, racing bikes, and dirt bikes. Our road bikes are a custom hard-tail 1997 Harley sportster (1270CC), 1978 CB750 Café Racer and a 1974 Harley/Aermacchi 350 Sprint (my newest toy). I ride a 2004 Honda CRF230F (named Kenny after the farmer we bought it from) in the dirt and Pete has a 2005 Yamaha YZ125. The race bikes are a 1970 CB350 and a 1968 Harley/Aermacchi 350 Sprint. The projects are a 1974 CB350F and a 1976 CB550F.

Tell us about your life in the Catskills…

I grew up camping in the Catskills with my Dad for a father-daughter retreat that happened several times a year. We would run around like wild beasts for the weekend shooting guns, practicing archery and canoeing so I had an early love of the area. About a year ago a friend told us about a property with an old organic garden, cabin, and large workshop … I said yes before even seeing it. Since I could easily work seven days a week it’s nice to have somewhere to escape. Weekends in the Catskills usually involve a lot of home cooking, antiquing, gardening and riding around.

What do you love most about the Catskills?

The greenery! The cabin is on a co-op of 3,000 acres with trails so I love to hop on Kenny and explore or wander around in the woods looking for nettles, plantain and mullein. I recently found a patch of wild watercress at the base of our property and when I’m having a long week in the city I just imagine the cool water and quiet of the woods.
Any recommendations of places we should check out upstate?
There’s a vintage bowling alley tucked into Rohman's Inn that’s totally worth checking out on a rainy night and Fretta’s in Milford, PA is an outstanding Italian deli.  On weekends the Barryville Farmers’ Market is an incredible place to grab fresh grilling ingredients and meet the local farmers. It always leads back to food with me.  

Anything we left out?

If you think of anything just swing by the shop and say hey.

Take a look at the classes Kanibal & Co offer and see if one interests you by clicking HERE