Babes Ride Out

Photography Collaboration | Jenny Linquist

PhotographersAnya Violet

For the Babes Ride Out Volume II Zine we have featured 9 talented photographers that captured BRO4 through their lens. Meet Jenny! You can pick up one of the limited edition Zines by clicking HERE. 

Jenny Linquist is a photographer who grew up in Colorado, but now lives in Seattle, Washington. She got started in photography at a young age when she was gifted a Polaroid camera and went on to spend much of her free time in high school developing photos in the dark room. After moving to Seattle she became obsessed with the idea of getting licensed in all sorts of skills — sailing, flying, scuba diving, semi truck driving...she started with her motorcycle license and that's where the obsession has paused for now, she's hooked. 

Motorcycles and photography combined naturally for her. When she's not road tripping on her bike, you can find Jenny in Seattle working at Pack Animal, a motorcycle travel goods company she started with her husband. For the record, she's still interested in that sailing license, but has her eyes set on some big motorcycle trips around the world first