Babes Ride Out

Photography Collaboration | Andrea Dosouto

PhotographersAnya Violet

For the Babes Ride Out Volume II Zine we have featured 9 talented photographers that captured BRO4 through their lens. Meet Andrea! You can pick up one of the limited edition Zines by clicking HERE. 

Andrea DoSouto was born in Galicia, Spain and discovered her love for photography at 16. She committed to her craft by relocating to Barcelona and earning a degree with honors in Photo Journalism at the University. Andrea's passion to capture moments in time was honed by spending countless hours in the streets photographing the hustle and bustle of city life, including her many friends skateboarding. Her action-style photographs tempered with an acute emotional awareness for her subjects became her unique style - one that his highly sought after by publications and international brands. From Nike and RVCA to Transworld and Monster Children, her visual interpretation of the spontaniety of life command attention and are recognizable upon sight.  Currently residing in California, Andrea's love for travel equates to several ports, from Havana to Berlin, as home.