Babes Ride Out

Conversations about Protection and Quality Gear are More Important than Ever

REVIEWSAshmore Ellis

We get emailed a lot about the gear we use on the bike. What gear you use or wear is a personal choice and we always recommend each rider to do some research, read the reviews, try stuff on, and make a decision that best suites YOU and your riding style. My only advice is "you get what you pay for". Here are a few things I ride in that have withstood hundreds of miles, are comfortable, and protect my assets. 

The Atwyld Two Wheels Jacket is my all time favorite jacket for many reasons. I originally bought it for those warmer rides but after pairing it with a Patagonia liner, this jacket has turned into my year around riding jacket for the great state of CA. My favorite feature besides being constructed from Dyneema (strongest denim in the universe and 15 x stronger than steel) was the outer zip pocket for easy credit card / cash / iphone access when I stop for gas on my rides.

Leave it to Biltwell to create a helmet featuring the best colorway in the world, introducing the Sierra Green Gringo . I personally love the Gringo because it's comfortable no matter how many miles you are mowing down and has a rainbow of shield selections for day and night riding. It has a classic retro vibe but with new age technology. I'll take one of each color please. 

I've been kicking it in the Iron Ranger boots by Red Wing Heritage for 2 years and they are my go to favorite pair (on and off my bike). I've waterproofed mine for an extra bit of protection and to be honest, I haven't cleaned them once. I know I should but a boot covered with dirt and grime just seems to be a bit more respectable.

The Convoy Armored Shirt by Atwyld is designed as a supporting piece to any leather jacket. Convoy is a second skin full zip long sleeve base layer with D3O® armor at the shoulders, elbows and back panel. I love this piece because I have many jackets but 99% of them do not have enough armor so this shirt makes them all functional to wear on my bike and gives me that extra peace of mind. 

But what about dirt? Oh man, I went wild on the FOX Womens website and got kitted out with protection this past year. Here are the items I purchased that have saved me from doing some real damage to myself : Women's R3 Roost Deflector, V1 matte black helmet, Launch Knee shin guards, and the Comp5 boots

If you have a favorite piece of gear that is holding up to the test of time and miles, share it! As we grow as a community, these conversations about protection and quality become more important than ever. Cheers to staying safe and finding what works for each of us on the road and in the dirt  - Ashmore