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Breakdowns Are Avoidable | S&S Cycle Shows Us Exactly What to Look For with This Incredible Motorcycle Safety Checklist

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Does this look loose to you? Are my tires looking too worn out? Why is my headlight smoking!?! These are just a few of the millions of questions I've asked myself over the course of owning and maintaining a motorcycle. As we all know, breakdowns happen but 95% of these hellish roadside moments can be avoided with proper care and paying attention to your machine. Think about it, if you are riding something going 75 mph on two wheels totally exposed to every single element wouldn't you want to make sure it is 100% road worthy and safe? We urge every single rider to go over this check list created by S&S Cycle before they get on the road. Print a copy for your tool roll, this information is one of the most important pieces of knowledge we can pass on to you from S&S Cycle

When you get to Babes Ride Out 5, you will be able to stop by the S & S Cycles Garage for a full inspection, free oil (changes if you need it), have air put in your tires, and have help from a certified mechanic to make sure you and your bike are taken care of. Huge thank you to S&S Cycle for being a major part of this event and taking care of the ladies! 

Being prepared is the best possible thing you can be. Photo by @sprocketz 

Being prepared is the best possible thing you can be. Photo by @sprocketz 

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