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The all new SENA 30K !!!

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The Sena 30K is here to change the game completely!! 

For years, Sena has been leading the industry when it comes to tech for communicating rider to rider. Their units, which can be easily installed to almost any helmet, allow you to listen to music, hear GPS directions, and even take calls straight from your bike. A couple of our favorite units are the low profile 10R and the 10C which features a built in camera. Their past units have all run off Bluetooth technology and Sena is now changing the game with their all new Mesh Intercom Technology in the 30K

What’s the difference between Bluetooth technology and Mesh Intercom technology?

Bluetooth comes with it’s fair share of limitations such as range and complicated intercom pairing. Bluetooth must be paired in a daisy chain and when one rider peels off from the group the rest of the group is cut off from communication. Mesh Intercom technology acts as a web, so when a rider falls out of range the rest of the group stays connected and when they are back in range they are automatically

How does it work?

With one click of a button, instantly and seamlessly connect to a virtually unlimited number of 30K riders within a mile range using the public mode feature. The 30K also features private mode and allows users to create different groups straight from the convenient 30K App. Listen to music, hearturn-by-turn GPS directions, and even take and make phone calls all through the 30K. The 30K offers the longest range, largest number of connections, simplest pairing, and best feature set of any Sena device to date. 


Can it still pair with older Bluetooth models?

Even with the new technology within the 30K you won’t have to leave your Bluetooth buds in the dust. The 30K houses both Mesh and Bluetooth processors so it still allows for 4 Bluetooth connections. The 30K acts as a bridge for Bluetooth intercom so users are able to bring in up to 3 Bluetooth intercom users into the Mesh group communication per device. Are you ready to #RideConnected?