Babes Ride Out

Jen Hallett | Custom Painted Flash at BRO5

Artist SeriesAnya Violet

We are so excited to have Jen Hallett on site this year at Babes Ride Out 5 doing her custom painted flash for you ladies. Jen has been working with us for several years now and has become one of our favorite artists. Stop by her art station on site and get your helmet painted with one of these rad designs by Jen!


"My name is Jen Hallett and I'm a freehand painter located in Orange, CA.  I primarily work in the automotive field painting motorcycles and helmets, but can really sling paint on whatever you need.  I specialize in lettering and freehand design work, including pinstriping.  I've been painting in this field for almost 13 years and my brain never stops thinking of the next project to paint or the next skill to try to tackle.  I've been working with the awesome crew at Babes Ride Out for a few years now doing raffle pieces or merch design and this year we decided to do something a little different.  I'll be set up by the merch booth with all my paint supplies and a ton of different "flash" style pieces to choose from that I can paint on your helmets or cell cases or bikes or whatever!  We want to give you something to commemorate and remember this awesome experience so stop by and let me paint you something to take home and wear with pride!!  See you ladies sooon!!"