Babes Ride Out

Vans at Babes Ride Out 5

Anya Violet
Photo by Genevieve Davis

Photo by Genevieve Davis

Mobile House of Vans Photos by Laura June Kirsch


Mobile House of Vans Workshop at Babes Ride Out 2017:
Vans is pleased to announce that the Mobile House of Vans will be on site at Babes Ride Out 2017 with an exclusive artist workshop. The Mobile House of Vans will open its doors in Joshua Tree to host an artist-led workshop by chainstitch and embroidery artist, Lacy VanCourt. The first 180 guests will have the opportunity to receive a limited-edition Vans x BRO patch or bandana personalized with chainstitch name customization performed on site by Lacy. 500 additional visitors will receive a commemorative embroidered patch designed exclusively for Vans x BRO 2017. Over the three-day event, Lacy will lead four hand sewing workshops (limited to 45 people per workshop) to teach guests how to apply patches to their own garments.


Vans Customs Raffle Contribution:
Vans is excited to contribute five Vans Customs Gift Certificates for the Babes Ride Out 2017 raffle. Five lucky winners will be able to design one free pair of their own custom Vans shoes. Vans Customs have been a tradition since 1966, when Paul Van Doren made shoes with any fabric people brought by the shop. Today, the creativity is still in your hands. Pick your shoe, pick your colors and patterns, and make them yours.

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